Patient Care and Research



What is RO-ILS?
What is a patient safety organization (PSO)?
Who are the program stakeholders?
Why should I participate in RO-ILS?


How does our practice enroll in the program?
How much does RO-ILS cost?
What are the benefits of enrolling multiple facilities under one practice, and how is this done?
How long does it typically take to enroll?
Can our practice participate in multiple PSOs?
Which U.S.-based practices are currently enrolled in RO-ILS?


What education does RO-ILS release to the radiation oncology community?
Do RO-ILS practices have access to data analysis tools and reports?
What RO-ILS benefits are there associated with accreditation programs?
What RO-ILS benefits are there associated with Medicare payments?

Enrolled Practices

My link to the RO-ILS Portal is not working. What should I do?
I forgot my login information. What should I do?
A staff member left our practice. What should I do?
A new staff member joined our practice. What should I do?
We have acquired a new facility. What should I do?


How can the RO-ILS Portal be accessed, and what is the best browser?
What is the typical process of submitting and reporting data?
Who can enter data into RO-ILS and perform analysis on local data?
How is data reported to the PSO and updated?


What type of events does RO-ILS collect?
What are the RO-ILS data elements?
Is protected health information (PHI) required for RO-ILS?
Can RO-ILS accept data through an automatic electronic data transfer?
Who can access the data once it is entered into RO-ILS?
Will my identifiable information be shared outside of RO-ILS?
Can I query the database?


What is RO-HAC?
What information does RO-HAC review?
How are RO-HAC members selected?

Data Security

What is the technical background to the RO-ILS set up?
How does Clarity ensure there is no unauthorized access, use or disclosure of RO-ILS data?
How is Clarity compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)?
What additional measures does Clarity take to ensure data security?

Data Protections

What is the Patient Safety Act?
What information is protected by the Patient Safety Act?
Who oversees PSOs?
Does RO-ILS replace state and federal reporting?