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Patient Education


ASTRO’s patient website, rtanswers.org, is a resource for patients and caregivers to find detailed information about radiation therapy; what to expect before, during and after treatment; questions for patients to ask about radiation safety; a dictionary to help patients with common terms and “Find a Radiation Oncologist” where patients and referring physicians can locate radiation oncologists in their area.


ASTRO has created a series of videos to help patients better understand what to expect when receiving radiation therapy for cancer. There is an introductory video, as well as eight disease site specific videos available in both English and Spanish. These videos are available for members to view or embed on their own facility sites. The videos are available for purchase as downloadable files from the ASTRO product catalog.


ASTRO has a collection of 17 brochures on both general radiation therapy, as well as disease-site specific topics that are available for download and to purchase from the product catalog. These brochures were created to help physicians provide information to people with cancer and their families about the treatment options available.

RT for Cancer Presentation

ASTRO's Communications Committee has created a PowerPoint presentation for members to use as a resource for presentations to the public, such as during a Rotary Club presentation. This PowerPoint is a general overview of what radiation therapy is and how it is used to safely and effectively treat cancer.

ASTRO gratefully acknowledges our Partners in Patient Education (PiPE) for their generous support of our patient education materials.

Physician Education

Radiation Therapy Presentations

ASTRO has created PowerPoint presentations for members to use as a resource for presentations to other medical professionals and medical students. Written by members of the Communications Committee, these presentations were created with the intention of educating other medical professionals, including residents and fellows and other oncologists as well as medical students.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

ASTRO develops clinical documents aimed at improving the quality and safety of radiation therapy in your practice. Clinical practice guidelines are evidence-based documents that help your team make informed treatment decisions from a body of established literature complemented by expert opinion. Clinical documents such as guidance papers, white papers and practice parameters are based on the consensus of a multidisciplinary panel of subject matter experts and focus on a technology or process in specific areas of clinical practice. Access to all clinical documents is found at www.astro.org/astroguidelines.


ASTRO publishes three top-notch journals to bring the latest radiation oncology research to our members quickly. Our flagship journal, the International Journal of Radiation Oncology • Biology • Physics, also known as the Red Journal, focuses on cutting-edge prospective clinical research. Its companion journal Practical Radiation Oncology, publishes research such as guidelines and white papers that will make an impact in your practice today. Our open access journal, Advances in Radiation Oncology, focuses on important retrospective work, clinical trial reanalysis, survey analyses and case reports.

Physician Networking and Communication

ASTRO offers numerous ways for physicians to network and communicate with each other including:


ASTRO's official online community platform, the ROhub provides exclusive member benefits for all ASTRO members, committees and interest groups. It includes the Open Forum, an inclusive community for secure discussions, resource sharing, networking and cultivating professional connections.
Within the ROhub, access the ASTRO Member Directory to find fellow members based on name, location, specialty and more. Also, explore innovative mentoring and peer review programs. Embrace the power of the ROhub to enhance your professional development today, log in with your ASTRO credentials. 

Mentor Match: Connect with mentors or mentees and take proactive steps towards achieving your career aspirations with the support of a dedicated mentoring relationship. Enroll easily and search for suitable matches using specified criteria. Learn more about the Mentor Match Program.

Peer-to-Peer: Use this cutting-edge tool to connect with healthcare professionals for patient case reviews and ongoing peer relationships. Interact outside the platform to facilitate communication. Learn more about the Peer-to-Peer Match Program

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