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Peer-to-Peer Match Program

Introducing Peer-to-Peer Match

ASTRO is pleased to announce Peer-to-Peer Match, a platform to connect radiation oncologists for the purpose of peer review.

Located in the ROhub, Peer-to-Peer Match is the latest addition to an expanding line-up of ASTRO services to support members. It is an online tool – including a searchable database – that facilitates the establishment of relationships for the purpose of peer review of patient cases. It is user-driven, allowing enrolled participants to search, using specified criteria, to find other interested individuals whose experience and expertise would assist them in evaluating patient cases and treatment plans. This platform may be used for ongoing peer-to-peer relationships or a one-off case review with a specialist. Participants will communicate outside the platform using their own communication vehicles to establish the parameters of the relationship and review cases.

Why is peer review important?

Physician peer review has been integral to radiation oncology practice for decades, and over recent years, has taken on even greater prominence as a means to enhance safety and quality.
The ASTRO Rural Task Force identified the ability to conduct radiation oncologist-to-radiation oncologist peer review as one of the greatest challenges for rural practices. This is largely because the majority (84%) of rural practices are small, consisting of one or two radiation oncologists.

There are many benefits to peer review including:
  • Promotes quality assurance
  • Provides a sounding board for treatment planning parameters (e.g., contours and dose/fractionation)
  • Expands knowledge on new applications/modality (e.g., hypofractionation, stereotactic radiation therapy, omission of treatment)
  • Opportunity to discuss challenging cases and identify expert resources if needed
  • Fulfills national accreditation bodies’ peer review requirements and Maintenance of Certificate requirements
  • Helps practices meet a peer review requirement in the proposed radiation oncology alternative payment model
  • Helps practices meet the peer review requirement for radiation oncologists as part of Standard 13 in ASTRO’s APEx accreditation program
  • Increases patients’ confidence and trust
  • Fosters professional camaraderie and networking

Who can enroll in Peer-to-Peer Match?

While the Match program was initially designed to assist rural radiation oncologists, all ASTRO member radiation oncologists, regardless of location, may enroll in the program.

What are the step to enroll in Peer-to-Peer Match?

  1. Navigate to the Peer-to-Peer program homepage
  2.  Follow the outlined steps 1-4 which will provide a walkthrough of the enrollment process and search. 

Have additional questions or concerns? See the FAQs or Email ASTRO's Communications Department.