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The APEx Program utilizes standards of performance and evidence indicators derived from white papers and consensus guidance for radiation oncology, including Safety is No Accident and AAPM Task Group Reports. APEx Standards identify systematic quality and safety approaches that build on a regulatory framework, including those from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, to add value for practitioners and patients. Visit APEx and Physicists to learn more about how APEx can help physicists enhance their current systems and processes.

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The APEx process provides a transparent, measurable, evidence- and consensus-based review of compliance with standards that emphasize a radiation oncology practice’s (ROPs) commitment to safety and quality. ROPs start with an internal self-assessment, allowing facility staff the opportunity to measure their current practice against APEx Standards prior to the facility visit. Once this is completed and ROPs have met the compliance requirements, the practice then proceeds to the facility visit. Through an objective peer review (facility visit), radiation oncology professionals (APEx Surveyors) evaluate a ROPs quality and safety based on evidenced compliance with the APEx Standards.

ROPs accredited by APEx will have the systems, personnel, policies and procedures in place to demonstrate dedication to high-quality patient care, a respect for protecting the rights of patients and being responsive to patient needs and concerns.

Snueel Nagda
"We benefitted from the feedback received from the robust peer review implemented as part of APEx for clinicians, physicists, dosimetrists and therapists. In the end, the APEx journey was a rewarding process and I honestly believe this enhances the safety and quality of care provided to our patients." 

— Raj Varadhan, PhD

How does APEx help.....

  • Develops processes to assess and update practice policies and procedures.
  • Provides external validation of practice quality.
  • Strengthens quality management system.
  • Presents the ability to leverage APEx Standards to improve the practice.
  • Assesses appropriate staffing levels.
Radiation oncologists?
  • Increases standardized documentation during consultations and management of patients, reducing assumptions and the possibility of errors.
  • Promotes peer review between physicians. 
Medical physicists?
  • Presents ability to leverage APEx to improve the safety processes.
  • Performs an external review of QA processes.
  • Reinforces consistent DICOM transfer.
  • Streamlines and standardizes processes.
  • Introduces dosimetry peer review.
Radiation therapists?
  • Introduces therapist peer review.
  • Confirms accurate and consistent time out process.
Snueel Nagda
"APEx is far more comprehensive, rigorous and radiation therapy-specific than any other accreditation program out there." 

— Suneel Nagda, MD
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