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Thank you 2024 ASTRO PAC contributors!

We greatly appreciate the support we have received from the following ASTRO PAC contributors. Please join your peers by contributing today.


Chairman's Club

Contributions of $5,000

There are no contributions to this category at this time. 

President's Club

Contributions of $2,500 to $4,999

Douglas Martin, MD, FASTRO

Capitol Club

Contributions of $1,000 to $2,499

Gopal Bajaj, MD, MBA, FASTRO
Rachel Blitzblau, MD, PhD
Michael Burdick, MD, MS
William Chen, MD
Thomas Eichler, MD, FASTRO
Ronald Ennis, MD, FASTRO
Gregg Franklin, MD, PhD, FASTRO
Geraldine Jacobson, MD, MBA, MPH, FASTRO
Brian Kavanagh MD, MPH, FASTRO
Aaron Kusano, MD, SM
Jolinta Lin, MD
Constantine Mantz, MD, FASTRO
Jeff Michalski, MD, MBA, FASTRO
Kristina Mirabeau-Beale, MD, MPH
Jefferson Moulds, MD
James Piephoff, MD
Ramji Rajendran, MD, PhD
Howard Sandler, MD, MS, FASTRO
Daniel Schiffner, MD
Xinglei Shen, MD
Austin Sim, MD, JD
John Suh, MD, FASTRO
Vipul Thakkar, MD
Emily Wilson 
Catheryn Yashar, MD, FASTRO

Eagles Council

Contributions of $500 to $999

Melisa Boersma, MD, MS
Casey Chollet-Lipscomb, MD
Thomas Dilling, MD, FASTRO
Alan Hartford, MD, PhD, FASTRO
Tim Kruser, MD
Roger Kucway, MD
Christopher Lominska, MD
Jefferson Moulds, MD
David Olek, MD

Stars and Stripes Council

Contributions of $250 to $499

Dave Adler, MA
Ron Allison, MD, FASTRO
Ebenezer Asare, MD
Brent Kane, MD
David Marshall, MD, MS
Sabin Motwani, MD
Andrew Orton, MD
Ben Wilkinson, MD
Wendy Woodward, MD, PhD, FASTRO

Congressional Circle

Contributions of $101 to $249

Aaron Bush, MD
Rohit Ganju, MD
Andjie Jeudy, BS
Jenna Kocsis, MD
Abhishek Kumar, MD, MAS
Sean Miller, MD
Vatsal Patel, MD, MBA
Cheryl Letitia Payne, MD
Tanya Powell, MD
Carolyn Rutter, MD
Courtney Williams

Leadership Circle

Contributions of $100 and under

Paul Adedoyin, MD
Mark Augspurger, MD
Kathy Baglan, MD
Tracy Balboni, MD, MPH
C. Michele Burnison, MD
James Butler, MD
Bin Cai, PhD
Ignacio Castellon, MD
Samuel Chao, MD, FASTRO
Bhisham Chera, MD, FASTRO
Louise Bowen Clay, MD
Arthur Craig Collie, MD
Ken Condra
Dean Conterato, MD
Brian Cook, MD
Janeen Daniels, MD
Frederick David, MD
Gary Doswell, MS
Ben Durkee, MD, PhD
Veronica Eisen, MD
Nancy Ellerbroek, MD, FASTRO
Anna Kristine Fariss, MD
Ana Grace, MD
Jimm Grimm, PhD
Patrizia Guerrieri, MD, MS
Behrooz Hakimian, MD
Patricia Hardenbergh, MD, FASTRO
Alexander Harris, MD
Pehr Hartvigson, MD
Shelly Hayes, MD
David Heimburger, MD
Timothy Hollister, MD
Andrew Hoover, MD
Timothy Jamieson, MD, PhD
Lindsay Jensen, MD
Robert Johnson, MD
Matthew Johnson, MD
Melissa Joyner, MD, MBA
Norbert Kased, MD
Florence Keane, MD
Brian Knab, MD
Ritsuko Komaki, MD, FASTRO
Vijay Kudithipudi, MD
Ramesh Kumar, MD
Miranda Lam, MD, MBA
Eva Kin Lean, MD
Anna Likhacheva, MD, MPH
Wilhelm Lubbe, MD, PhD
Sophy Mangana, MD
Sheri Marquez, MD
Mackenzie McGee, MD
Rosalyn Morrell, MD
Geoffrey Neuner, MD
Andrew Neuschatz, MD
Eleanor Osborne, MD, MS
Evan Osmundson, MD, PhD
Nilesh Patel, MD
John Phillips, MD, MPH
Dheerendra Prasad, MD, MCh
John Register, MD
Trevor Royce, MD, MS, MPH
Andrea Russo, MD
Peter Schiff, MD, PhD, FASTRO
Jason Seavolt, MD
David Shaw, MD
Thomas Sroka, MD, PhD
Randy Stevens, MD
Molly Ann Sullivan, MD
Al Taira, MD
Michael Andre Taylor, MD
Evan Thomas, MD, PhD
Brent Tinnel, MD
Douglas Tippin, MD, PhD
Lora Wang, MD
Michael Roy Watson, MD
Charles Wendt, MD
Kurt Wharton, MD
Michal Whiton, MD
Scott Williams, MD, PhD

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