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Application Process

Is your practice ready to start the fastest growing radiation oncology accreditation program in the United States? Review the APEx Readiness Checklist to see.

APEx Application

APEx takes place entirely in a web-based portal (APEx Portal). Beginning the program consists of an application, legal documents and payment. 


A radiation oncology practice (ROP) may be either a single facility or a multi-facility practice. A multi-facility practice is comprised of a main location and one or more satellites. To qualify as a multi-facility practice, where facilities are covered by the same accreditation application, all facilities must meet the following criteria:

  • Common policies and procedures for key evidence indicators;
  • An individual or committee from within radiation oncology practice leadership who is responsible for overseeing the operations of the multi-facility practice, including the culture of safety;
  • A medical director, who is a radiation oncologist, responsible for each facility; and 
  • All satellite facilities located within a 50-mile radius of the main facility.*

*ASTRO will allow a multi-facility practice application to include a qualifying satellite facility located between 50 to 150 miles from the main location if the facility meets all other requirements for being a satellite. If approved, such satellite facilities would be subject to an additional fee of $3,000. Satellites outside of the 150-mile radius of the main facility may not be included in the same application but may apply as a single facility.

"The APEx program enabled us to review our policies and procedures by conducting a self-assessment to reflect on our radiation oncology practice that focuses on patient-centered care. Not only did APEx accreditation highlight our strengths as a department, it brought together all the disciplines of our team to work together to bring our mission to life."
― Prabhakar Tripuraneni, MD
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