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The radiation oncology coding section provides information on a number of activities ASTRO engages in to ensure proper coding of radiation oncology services. We also offer a number of resources to assist in correct coding of radiation therapy services and to assist you and your office staff in submitting accurate claims for reimbursement of services provided.

ASTRO Radiation Oncology Coding Resource

The ASTRO Coding Resource is an essential coding reference for all radiation oncology practices. The 2024 resource is now available.

ASTRO Coding Question Submission Form

ASTRO is pleased to offer our members the ability to submit questions pertaining to coding in daily practice. Submitted questions will be provided to ASTRO's Code Utilization and Application Subcommittee (CUAC) for evaluation and response.

Coding Guidance

Radiation oncology coding is often complicated with many nuances, yet applying coding guidance in a consistent manner is critical for all radiation oncologists. This section provides information on a variety of coding topics.
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