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ASTRO is Offering Personalized Meetings in June.

ASTRO is offering personalized one-on-one virtual meetings with your staff. Please use this Doodle poll to sign up for a date/time in June that works best for you. ASTRO will send you a calendar invite with a Teams link, so please include your email address when signing up. ASTRO would be honored for your practice to join the fastest growing accreditation program and list your practice among the APEx accredited practices

APEx - Accreditation Program for Excellence® was developed by radiation oncology professionals from the world’s premier radiation oncology society to recognize facilities that deliver safe, high-quality care to their patients. Radiation oncology practices that earn accreditation through APEx demonstrate the systems, personnel, policies and procedures needed to meet APEx Standards. Learn why APEx is The Right Choice™.

Why APEx Accreditation?

Ninety-seven percent of surveyed APEx-accredited facilities have stated that they were 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with the APEx process AND that they would recommend APEx to a colleague.

  • APEx serves as a partner and ally to radiation oncology practices.
  • Practice staff are able to leverage APEx to improve their practice and processes.
  • APEx uncovers potential blind spots in processes like QA, peer review and documentation.
  • Practices are able to achieve safe and appropriate staffing levels.

What are the benefits of being an accredited facility?

The flexibility of the APEx program, including three- or four-year cycles and payment options, means that it fits a practice’s needs. Specifically, the program:
  • Provides patients and caregivers with additional evidence of your facility's focus on safety.
  • Satisfies the American Board of Radiology’s Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 requirements with the APEx PQI Template.
  • Fulfills the radiation therapy component for the Commission on Cancer (CoC) and National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC).
  • Meets 15 improvement activities in MIPS.

For questions about APEx, please email APEx Support or request an information session.

Are you interested in finding out more about APEx Accreditation? Check out the the article "Why Pursue Accreditation" from ASTRONews (page 25) and review the Accreditation Program for Excellence (APEx): A Catalyst for Quality Improvement in Practical Radiation Oncology. Or watch Jean Wright, MD, Colleen Lawton, MD, FASTRO, and Christin Knowlton, MD, share their experiences going through the APEx accreditation program in the APEx session from the 2021 Annual Meeting.

Next steps

Schedule a one-on-one session with APEx staff to discover the ways APEx can benefit your practice. It's free and takes less than an hour.

Partners in Quality and Safety

ASTRO is proud to partner with the entire radiation oncology team to improve quality and safety for patients and staff. We know that, while every member contributes to high-quality outcomes, physicists play a pivotal role in radiation oncology practices. Along with other members of the patient care team, physicists assure the accurate delivery of all aspects of the treatment plan; oversee radiation safety; and implement, maintain and monitor advanced radiation treatment technologies. Given the breadth and level of work they do, it’s easy to see why physicists often lead or play key roles in practice accreditation. Visit APEx and Physicists to learn more about how APEx can help physicists enhance their current systems and processes.

2021 ASTRO Annual Meeting Session

At the 2021 ASTRO Annual Meeting, Drs. Jean Wright (Johns Hopkins), Colleen Lawton (Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin) and Christin Knowlton (Yale) shared their experiences going through ASTRO’s APEx – Accreditation Program for Excellence while explaining the unique qualities and benefits of the program for radiation oncology practices.



Geraldine Jacobson

"We selected APEx because we viewed their accreditation structure as a vehicle to improve our practice quality. Meeting the APEx Standards has been a valuable process for every aspect of our workflow and improved our quality and coordination of care." 

—Geraldine Jacobson, MD, MPH, MBA
    ASTRO President