ARRO Executive Committee

The governing body of ARRO is an Executive Committee consisting of nine members — six voting members and three non-voting members. The voting members consist of three junior and three senior radiation oncology residents. There are also three ARRO Subcommittees including the Education Subcommittee, Global Health Subcommittee and Communications Subcommittee.

Applications for the ARRO Executive Committee and Subcommittees are accepted annually. The Executive Committee applications open in the Fall and Subcommittees open in the Spring. Watch for announcements in the monthly ARROgram and email the Executive Committee with any questions.


Senior Members (2018-2020)

Chair, ARRO Executive Committee

Chelain Goodman, MD, PhD

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Vice-chair, ARRO Executive Committee

Ashley Albert, MD

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Vice-chair, ARRO Executive Committee

Ankit Agarwal, MD, MBA

University of North Carolina Healthcare


Junior Members (2019-2021)

Junior Member, ARRO Executive Committee

Shauna Campbell, DO

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Junior Member, ARRO Executive Committee

Elizabeth Jeans, MD

Mayo Clinic, Rochester

Junior Member, ARRO Executive Committee

Karen Tye, MD, MS

University of California, San Diego


Immediate Past Members

Immediate Past Chair, ARRO Executive Committee

Jenna Kahn, MD, BS

VCU Health Systems

Immediate Past Vice-chair, ARRO Executive Committee

Lauren Colbert, MD, MSCR

UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Immediate Past Vice-chair, ARRO Executive Committee

Samuel Marcrom, MD, BS

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Don’t miss our annual ARRO Executive Committee Alumni Meetup at ASTRO. Email Jenna Kahn, MD (Class of 2019) to make sure you’re on the list!


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