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What is ROhub?

The ROhub is ASTRO's official online community platform serving all ASTRO members, committees and interests groups. The ROhub is an exclusive member benefit that was officially launched in& December 2018 with the opening of the Open Forum, an all member community. This secure forum offers opportunities for open discussion with other members discuss relevant and timely topics, share resources, make connections and network.

In addition, ROhub is home to the ASTRO Member Directory where you can search for other members by name, location, specialty and more. The newest addition to ROhub includes the Peer-to-Peer Match program, a platform to connect radiation oncologists for the purpose of peer review.

Digests and Communication

All ASTRO members receive daily digests of the Open Forum to their inbox and any other communities they may be subscribed to. Members can also send private messages to other members within ROhub. If you are currently not receiving the digests please review our safe sender information or contact the ROhub via email.

How do I get started?

To log in, simply navigate to rohub.astro.org and log in with your ASTRO credentials. Start exploring today by joining a community or interest group and starting a a thread or jumping into a existing conversation.

Mentor and Peer Programs

ASTRO offers two matching programs for it's members hosted on ROhub.

  • Mentor Match Program: Find a mentor or mentee with with specially designed automated matching program with a searchable database. This program is user-driven, allowing enrolled Mentees to search among enrolled Mentors using specified criteria to find individuals whose experience and expertise match areas in which they wish to be mentored. Likewise, registered Mentors can search for and identify potential Mentees. Any ASTRO member may sign-up to be a mentee or mentor regardless or career stage. Enroll today.
  • Peer-to-Peer Program: Connect with physicians for the purpose of peer review. This platform may be used for an ongoing peer-to-peer relationship or a one-off case review with a specialist. Enroll on ROhub.

Special Interest Communities

Consider joining some of the following opt-in communities:

  • Gender Equity Community: Devoted to discussion centered around furthering underrepresented genders within radiation oncology.
  • Early Career Community: A peer community to keep all early career members apprised of and engaged in the workings of the Early Career Committee.
  • Locum Tenens Community: Serves as a place for discussion of challenges and other aspects of occupation as a locum.
  • Open Forum: All-member open discussion community where you can interact directly with ASTRO staff. Every ASTRO member upon joining ASTRO is automatically placed in the community.
  • RO Model Participants: For those impacted by the RO Model implementation and related aspects. Interact directly with ASTRO's Health Policy and Advocacy team.

Have additional questions or concerns? See the ROhub FAQs or Email ASTRO's Communications Department.