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Peer-to-Peer Match Program

ASTRO’s Peer-to-Peer Match is an innovative platform designed to connect radiation oncologists with the primary purpose of engaging in peer reviews.

Situated within the ROhub, Peer-to-Peer Match operates as an online tool, complete with a searchable database, that streamlines the establishment of connections geared toward peer reviews of patient cases. Driven by user engagement, enrolled participants can employ specific criteria to search for fellow individuals who share an interest and whose expertise could prove invaluable in evaluating patient cases and treatment strategies. This platform is versatile, accommodating both ongoing peer relationships and one-off case evaluations with specialists. Communication among participants takes place outside the platform, utilizing their preferred communication channels to define the parameters of the relationship and review cases.

Why does peer review matter?

Physician peer review has long been a cornerstone of radiation oncology practice, gaining heightened significance in recent years as a means of fortifying safety and quality. The ASTRO Rural Task Force identified radiation oncologist-to-radiation oncologist peer review as a critical challenge for rural practices, especially since a significant portion (84%) of rural practices comprise only one or two radiation oncologists.

The benefits of peer review are manifold, including:

  • Elevating quality assurance
  • Offering a platform for deliberation on treatment planning aspects (e.g., contours, dose/fractionation)
  • Broadening understanding of new applications/modalities (e.g., hypofractionation, stereotactic radiation therapy, omission of treatment)
  • Providing a space to address complex cases and locate expert resources, if needed
  • Meeting peer review mandates of national accreditation bodies and Maintenance of Certificate requirements
  • Fulfilling peer review requirements in the proposed radiation oncology alternative payment model
  • Satisfying the peer review stipulation for radiation oncologists within ASTRO’s APEx accreditation program's Standard 13
  • Enhancing patient confidence and trust
  • Cultivating professional camaraderie and networking

Who can enroll in Peer-to-Peer Match?

While originally intended to support rural radiation oncologists, the program extends its availability to all ASTRO member radiation oncologists, regardless of geographical location.

How to enroll in Peer-to-Peer Match

To embark on your Peer-to-Peer journey, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Peer-to-Peer program homepage.
  2. Sequentially follow steps one through four outlined on the page, guiding you through the enrollment process and search procedures.

For additional inquiries or concerns, refer to the FAQs or email ASTRO's Communications Department.

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