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Mentor Match Program

Speed Mentoring

Each year during the Annual Meeting, ASTRO hosts a Speed Mentoring event where Mentees rotate from table to table to meet with a diverse panel of Mentors on a variety of topics. All in-person attendees are invited to participate. For year-round mentoring opportunities, learn more about Mentor Match.

About the Program

Accomplished leaders share a trait in common: they build and maintain a circle of mentors and advocates to help them succeed on their career journey. Regardless of your career stage, mentorship is critical to your ability to see beyond yourself and to challenge yourself to exceed your self-imposed limits. Mentoring is a great way to develop talent, with benefits for both parties, mentor and mentee, invested in the relationship.

Further your professional career using ASTRO’s Mentor Match program. This unique online networking and career development tool helps you find, connect and share experiences with others. Whether you’ve been in the radiation oncology field for many years or are brand new, becoming a mentor or mentee will help you build meaningful rapport to meet your professional career goals with your peers.

What you can expect

Mentoring matters. This is what you can expect as a committed participant of ASTRO's Mentor Match program:

  • Experience enhanced job satisfaction.
  • Develop better critical thinking skills by addressing challenges at all levels.
  • Grow your professional network across various specializations and levels.
  • Be exposed to new and relevant ideas as well as reinforce successful, current practices.
  • Share leadership and management methods.
  • Empower future generations of coaches by creating a culture of empathy, positivity and respect.
  • Share the importance of networking and mentoring as a channel for professional advancement.
  • Generating collaborative and inclusive culture amongst members.

How it works

The Mentor Match program is located in the ROhub and provides an automated process that lets you enroll and search for a mentor or mentee.

Any ASTRO member can enroll in the program to be a mentor and/or a mentee. Once enrolled, you can then search the Mentor or Mentee directory with a specified criteria that you choose. As you view participating member profiles, you can then find your potential match and send them a message.


Don’t feel ready just yet to be a mentor or mentee? Check out our resources to prepare your expectations.

Time requirement

The time requirement is based on the relationship you forge with your mentor or mentee. It is recommended that the matched mentor and mentee both commit to at least a six-month timeframe.

Next steps

What are the steps for Mentor Match?

  1. Navigate to the Mentor Match Program Homepage.
  2. Follow the outlined steps 1-4, which will provide a walkthrough of the enrollment process and search for your desired match.
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