advo_intropicLearn about ASTRO’s advocacy efforts and how your involvement is a critical component of protecting and promoting radiation oncology and the interests of cancer patients. ASTRO advocates before Congress, the White House and other federal agencies to:

  • Reform radiation oncology payment policy to enhance care quality and value.
  • Ensure patients and radiation oncologists make all treatment decisions.
  • Increase investments in radiation oncology research.
  • Advance health equity measures to eliminate disparities in patient care.
  • Prevent coverage disruptions for cancer patients.

The ROCR Town Hall recording is now live! Watch the video on the ROCR page.

Key Issues

Radiation Oncology Case Rate Program (ROCR) ASTRO believes ROCR represents the best chance to secure long-term rate stability and continue to deliver cutting-edge care to our patients close to home. 
Increasing Investments in Cancer Research Funding for radiation oncology research through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and its National Cancer Institute (NCI) are central to advancing cancer care.
Access to Care Protecting patients from coverage disruptions and ensuring physicians can utilize their preferred treatment plan help ensure better patient outcomes.
Medicare Payments Congress must provide payment stability for radiation oncologists and all physicians who treat Medicare patients.
Source Security A culture of safety and quality is woven into the fabric of radiation oncology, with checks and balances at every level to ensure that the safest and most effective care is delivered to patients.
Disparities in Health Care Eliminating inequities in access to comprehensive health care is critical to improving patient outcomes.
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