Patient Care and Research

2020 #SafetyChampion

This year, Patient Safety Awareness WeekTM (PSAW), sponsored by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, will take place March 8-14. It is a time to celebrate the numerous quality and safety initiatives already taking place and identify what more can be done to improve patient safety.

One of the numerous ways to celebrate and honor the week is by sharing your practice’s safety initiatives with the radiation oncology community.

ASTRO invites clinicians and practices to share on social media how you are a #SafetyChampion.

  • What: Describe an initiative that you have implemented within your radiation oncology practice to promote patient safety. Examples include implementation of a new safety checklist, use of automated tools, utilization of an incident learning system and much more.
  • How: Post a brief video (1-2 minutes) or short statement (2-3 sentences) on social media with the hashtags #SafetyChampion and #PSAW20 and @ASTRO_org tag. Don’t utilize social media? Contact ASTRO’s Social Media Specialist for support.  
  • When: During PSAW: March 8-14.
  • Why: Celebrate your hard work to improve patient safety and learn how others are actively promoting safe practice.

For encouragement, view a video created by University of California, Los Angeles, featuring James Lamb, PhD, discussing a research effort on safety interlocks.

Creating a video can be a great team exercise and doesn’t require much more than a cell phone and a little preparation.

Tips of Creating Videos:
  • Keep the videos brief (no more than 2 minutes and 20 seconds).
  • Write a script or notes beforehand and utilize a free teleprompter app.
  • Stabilize the phone – if no equipment available, then prop the phone up or have an individual with the steadiest hands hold the phone.
  • Place the phone horizontally.
  • Project your voice and speak clearly.
  • Record in a location without a lot of background noise.
  • Try to find a well-lit space.
  • Do a test run first and listen to the audio/video quality.
  • Be creative and have fun! Get your team involved, think of creative ways to get your message across, and make your video/message fun and approachable to capture the audience.

For more ideas of how to celebrate PSAW 2020, read the ASTRO Blog post.