Patient Care and Research

Patient Education

ASTRO has created numerous resources for members and their practices. If you would have any questions about these resources or would like resources created, please contact the communications department.

ASTRO has created a two-minute segment as a brief glimpse of what is in our patient videos.


Patient Videos ASTRO has created a series of videos to help patients better understand what to expect when receiving radiation therapy for cancer.
Patient Brochures ASTRO created brochures to help people diagnosed with cancer and their families learn more about the treatment options available.
Radiation Therapy Presentations ASTRO has created two PowerPoint presentations for members to use as a resource for presentations to health care professionals and the general public.
How To Videos ASTRO has created a video on how to create a Twitter account and what you need to do to follow us on Twitter.
Additional Resources ASTRO has gathered additional resources to help members educate the public about radiation therapy as a treatment for cancer and other diseases.

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