ASTRO Radiation Oncology Career Center

The premier radiation oncology recruitment tool. This online career board offers employers and job seekers an easy-to-use and highly targeted resource for online employment connections. With advanced features such as resume criteria searches for employers and expanded profile capabilities for job seekers, the Career Center makes connections between candidates and employers easier and more effective.

Annual Meeting Career Fair package now available

The ASTRO Annual Meeting is a great place for potential employers and job seekers to meet up using the online ASTRO Annual Meeting Career Center. The Career Center has been customized to identify open positions for which employers are looking to interview interested applicants during the Annual Meeting. Job seekers attending the Annual Meeting can apply for open positions on the Career Center and can flag their resumes to let employers know they will be available for interviews during the meeting. Employers can connect with job seekers during the meeting by using the chat function on the Annual Meeting Platform or messaging them directly from the ROhub Annual Meeting Community. Interviews should be conducted using the employer’s preferred communication vehicle.

If you are attending the ASTRO Annual Meeting as an employer or job seeker, don’t miss the opportunity to connect.

  • Employers can purchase a special Annual Meeting package (discounted pricing) to let job seekers know you have an open position(s).
  • Job seekers can search Annual Meeting listings, submit an application and request an interview with employers during the meeting.
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