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Radiation Oncology Practice (ROP) Definition

For purposes of the APEx Program, an ROP is defined as a medical practice offering radiation therapy services, utilizing the services of interdisciplinary professionals under the direction of a board-certified radiation oncologist. An ROP may be a multi-site practice (e.g., a “main campus” with satellites)

All of the following criteria will be used to determine if a multi-facility practice can apply for all sites to be covered by the same accreditation application:

  1. common policies and procedures for key evidence indicators;
  2. a medical director who is responsible for each facility and one individual from practice leadership who is responsible for the culture of safety standard operating procedure;
  3. all facilities located within a 50-mile radius of the main facility; and
  4. the same corporate ownership of all the facilities.
Facility Eligibility
Multi-facility Requirements
Length of Accreditation Cycle

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