Society of Chairs of Academic Radiation Oncology Programs (SCAROP)

The mission of SCAROP is to provide a forum for the chairs of academic radiation oncology programs to discuss issues of common interest and to foster an interchange of ideas through free and informal discussions, including:

  • Cultivation of leadership within radiation oncology.
  • Funding of academic radiation oncology programs.
  • Review of the quality, standards and resources for residency programs in radiation oncology.
  • Addressing standards of patient care in radiation oncology.
  • Promoting research in radiation oncology and related fields.

The SCAROP Annual Meeting is an opportunity for chairs of academic radiation oncology programs from across the country to discuss timely topics and share best practices. In these discussions, SCAROP members do not discuss workforce issues in a way that could be perceived as a collective action in the marketplace. Instead, individual members gather insights regarding how training programs are working, how to improve the future of the RO workforce, and then share their observations with program leaders at their institutions. In its role as industry focal point and convener, ASTRO follows legal guidelines to ensure that discussions stay within set boundaries.

SCAROP Annual Meeting The SCAROP Annual Meeting will be held in person at the ASTRO Headquarter Office in Arlington, Virginia, Friday, April 19, 2024.
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