Gynecologic Malignancies

Cervical Cancer

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Author: Huma Chaudry, MSIV, George Washington University
Faculty: Beth Erickson, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin

Early-stage Endometrial Cancer

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Author: Ankit Modh, MD
Faculty: Mohamed A. Elshaikh, MD
Institution: Henry Ford Cancer Institute

Endometrial Cancer

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Author: Charles Vu, MD
Faculty: Peter Y. Chen, MD, FACR
Institution: Beaumont Health

Operable Vulvar Caner

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Author: Jessica Schuster, MD
Faculty: Emma Fields, MD
Institution: Virginia Commonwealth University

Vaginal Cancer

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Author: Anna Lee, MD, MPH and Lauren Tait, MD
Faculty: Jyoti Mayadev, MD
Institution: University of California Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center