Criteria for Elected Positions

The Nominating Committee, as they develop a potential slate of candidates for all positions, will keep at the forefront of discussions the need to have all demographic sections of the membership represented in the leadership of ASTRO. Candidates should represent both academic and community practice as well as showcase both the diversity of membership. Only Active Members shall have the right to hold elective office.

President-elect Criteria

The instructions for President-elect position should contain the following qualifications:

  • Minimum 10 years as a voting member of ASTRO.
  • Previous Board experience or significant committee leadership experience within ASTRO strongly preferred.
  • Documented experience and/or expertise in a broad range of ASTRO activities.
  • Have appropriate amount of time available to serve in the capacity of the position.
  • Significant participation in ASTRO activities within the past five years.

Vice-chair Criteria

The instructions for vice-chair positions should contain the following qualifications:

  • Be an Active Member entitled to vote, with at least five years membership.
  • Have documented experience and/or expertise in the area of their Council’s purview.
  • Have participated in Society sponsored activity within the past three years.
  • This may take the form of faculty participation in the Society’s educational programs, participation in Society conferences, Committee, task force or working group membership, or serving the Society in a coordinating capacity with other organizations (e.g., ASTRO Councilor to ACR).

Nominating Committee Criteria

The instructions for Nominating Committee positions should contain the following qualifications:
  • Shall be an Active Member entitled to vote in good standing.

Questions about the criteria or election process? Contact ASTRO's governance manager.