Leadership Pipeline Program


The deadline to apply to be a protégé for the Leadership Pipeline Program 2020-22 term is Friday, May 29. A link to the application form will be available here once the application period is open. 

What is the Leadership Pipeline Program and who can apply?

ASTRO’s Committee on Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (CHEDI) has a mission to advance the status of minorities and the underserved in oncology through educational and professional opportunities, advocacy and awareness. The Leadership Pipeline Program (formerly known as the Pipeline Protégé Program) was created as a career development program aimed at increasing diversity among ASTRO leadership, which supports ASTRO's core value of diversity and inclusion.

  • This program is not exclusive to underrepresented minorities or women. Anyone with an interest in health equity, diversity and inclusion is eligible to apply.

Ultimately, the two-year program is designed to provide members within ASTRO exposure to leadership activities with a goal of developing the next generation of ASTRO leaders. Each year, the protégés will receive a $1,000 stipend to attend the ASTRO Annual Meeting and report out on deliverables. Here are the qualifications to apply:

  • Must be a Board-certified radiation oncologist or medical physicist.
  • Must have at least five years of practice experience. 
  • Must be an ASTRO member.
  • Must have a demonstrated interest in diversity, inclusion, health equity and/or disparities.
  • Must have strong interpersonal and presentation skills along with the ability to work collaboratively. 
  • Must have the ability and support to commit significant time to attend meetings and conference calls.  

Program Overview

View the overview infographic.

Year 1

  • Dive into ASTRO
    • Learn about ASTRO's structure and start building your network.
    • Join a committee and start working on a project.
    • Receive access to ASTRO leadership.
  • Year 1 Deliverables
    • Your completion of or contribution to a project is one measure of success.
    • You will present to other protégés, ASTRO committee and council leadership, and ASTRO staff about your experience.

Year 2

  • Dive Deeper
    • Continue working on a committee project.
    • Be part of the selection committee for the next cohort of protégés.
    • Act as a liaison for an assigned Year 1 protégé.
    • Submit an educational session to the ASTRO Annual Meeting.
    • Complete video diaries about your experience and share online.
  • Year 2 Deliverables
    • You will write an informational report and verbally present at an ASTRO Board meeting.
    • Your completion of or contribution to a project as well as athe completion of video diaries will be noted.
    • Lead quarterly calls where Year 1 and Year 2 protégés check in with each other.

Beyond the Leadership Pipeline Program: What's Next?

Now it's time to pay it forward.
  • Remain involved on ASTRO committees and/or task forces as a dedicated volunteer.
  • Help others understand more about ASTRO's structure, leadership pipeline, and how to get involved at any level.