Past Presidents

Name Years
Paul M. Harari, MD, FASTRO 2017-2018
Brian Kavanagh, MD, MPH, FASTRO 2016-2017
David C. Beyer, MD, FASTRO 2015-2016
Bruce D. Minsky, MD, FASTRO 2014-2015
Bruce G. Haffty, MD, FASTRO 2013-2014
Colleen A.F. Lawton, MD, FASTRO 2012-2013
Michael L. Steinberg, MD, FASTRO 2011-2012
Leonard L. Gunderson, MD, MS, FASTRO 2010-2011
Anthony L. Zietman, MD, FASTRO 2009-2010
Tim R. Williams, MD, FASTRO 2008-2009
Patricia J. Eifel, MD, FASTRO 2007-2008
Louis B. Harrison, MD, FASTRO 2006-2007
K. Kian Ang, MD, PhD, FASTRO* 2005-2006
Prabhakar Tripuraneni, MD, FASTRO 2004-2005
Theodore S. Lawrence, MD, PhD, FASTRO 2003-2004
Joel Tepper, MD, FASTRO 2002-2003
Nora Janjan, MD, FASTRO 2001-2002
David Larson, PhD, MD, FASTRO 2000-2001
David H. Hussey, MD, FASTRO* 1999-2000
Christopher M. Rose, MD, FASTRO 1998-1999
Larry E. Kun, MD, FASTRO* 1997-1998
Richard T. Hoppe, MD, FASTRO 1996-1997
Steven A. Leibel, MD, FASTRO* 1995-1996
Jay R. Harris, MD, FASTRO 1994-1995
Lester J. Peters, MD, FASTRO 1993-1994
J. Frank Wilson, MD, FASTRO 1992-1993
Sarah S. Donaldson, MD, FASTRO 1991-1992
Rodney R. Million, MD, FASTRO 1990-1991
Carl R. Bogardus, MD, FASTRO 1989-1990
Stanley E. Order, MD, FASTRO* 1988-1989
Lawrence W. Davis, MD, FASTRO 1987-1988
Robert W. Edland, MD, FASTRO 1986-1987
James D. Cox, MD, FASTRO* 1985-1986
Theodore L. Phillips, MD, FASTRO 1984-1985
Gerald E. Hanks, MD, FASTRO* 1983-1984
Samuel Hellman, MD, FASTRO 1982-1983
Carlos A. Perez, MD, FASTRO 1981-1982
Herman D. Suit, MD, FASTRO 1980-1981
John W. Travis, MD, DSc, FASTRO* 1979-1980
Seymour H. Levitt, MD, DSc, FASTRO* 1978-1979
Philip Rubin, MD, FASTRO* 1977-1978
Frank R. Hendrickson, MD, FASTRO 1976-1977
Robert G. Parker, MD* 1975-1976
Juan A. del Regato, MD* 1974-1975
William T. Moss, MD, FASTRO* 1973-1974
Malcolm A. Bagshaw, MD, FASTRO* 1972-1973
Luther W. Brady, MD, FASTRO* 1971-1972
William E. Powers, MD* 1970-1971
Simon Kramer, MD* 1969-1970
Morton M. Kligerman, MD* 1968-1969
Gilbert H. Fletcher, MD* 1967-1968
Henry S. Kaplan, MD* 1966-1967
James J. Nickson, MD* 1965-1966
Milford D. Schulz, MD* 1964-1965
Franz J. Buschke, MD* 1963-1964
Isadore Lampe, MD* 1962-1963
Manuel Garcia, MD* 1961-1962
Milton Friedman, MD* 1960-1961
James W.J. Carpender, MD* 1959-1960
Simeon T. Cantril, MD* 1958-1959

*denotes deceased

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