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Public Comment

ASTRO posts drafts of clinical practice guidelines, white papers and other documents for public comment before they are finalized and sent to ASTRO's Board of Directors for approval. The public comment period is an integral part of guidance development, and is preceded by a series of reviews and revisions and may be followed by a final peer review if the document is submitted to a journal for publication. ASTRO encourages those in the radiation oncology field to comment and then share with colleagues, producing a more robust public response.

ASTRO IMRT Model Policy

ASTRO requests feedback on the draft document of the updated IMRT Model Policy. ASTRO model policies are developed as a means to efficiently communicate what ASTRO believes to be correct coverage policies for radiation oncology services. The ASTRO model policies do not serve as clinical guidelines. Please review the document and submit comments through the webform by Sunday, June 9.

Rectal Cancer Guideline Focused Update Open for Public Comment

ASTRO requests feedback on the draft guideline on Radiation Therapy for Rectal Cancer With the results of several recently published clinical trials, this guideline focused update provides new, evidence-based recommendations for the indications and dose-fractionation regimens for neoadjuvant radiation therapy (RT), optimal sequencing of RT and systemic therapy in the context of total neoadjuvant therapy, and considerations for selective omission of RT and surgery for rectal cancer. Please review the guideline focused update and submit comments through the webform by Monday, June 17.

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