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Practical Radiation Oncology Reviewer Apprenticeship Program

Applications for this program are now closed. Applications will re-open in the fall of 2022.

The Practical Radiation Oncology Reviewer Apprenticeship program provides an opportunity for early-career radiation oncologists to develop their peer-review skills. Apprentices will be asked to complete five manuscript reviews for the journal within a two-year period.

This program aims to fill a need in our specialty. Most physicians receive no training in peer review despite years of medical education. Apprentices will be matched with an editor on the Practical Radiation Oncology board and will receive personalized feedback as they complete reviews. Upon completion, apprentices will receive a certificate and letter from the Editor-in-Chief. They will be listed as a full reviewer and program graduate in the journal reviewer database.

Any questions about the program can be sent to the journal office.

Application Materials

Please submit the following materials via email to pro@astro.org.
  • Application email with the following information:
    • Subject Line: "PRO Reviewer Apprenticeship - [Applicant's Name]"
    • Full name
    • Institution
    • Current position
    • Name of training director or equivalent
    • Training director's email address
    • Sections of interest 
      • Please indicate up to three sections you are interested in being matched with from the list at the bottom of this page. This will influence the topics you are most likely to review, so please only select sections where you have some experience.
  • Cover Letter - PDF Format
    • Addressed to the Editorial Board
    • Please note any previous peer-review experience and your stage of education/career.
    • Please include a brief paragraph addressing what you hope to gain from participation in this program.
  • CV - PDF Format
  • Training Director's Letter of Recommendation - PDF Format
    • This can be attached to the application email or be sent separately by the training director.
    • If sent separately, please ask the training director to attach the letter as a PDF and use the subject line "PRO Reviewer Apprenticeship - [Applicant's Name]."


The editors of Practical Radiation Oncology each handle submissions for one or more disease sites or topics. Please include up to three options, in order of preference, from the list below in the body of your application email so that you can be matched with the most appropriate section.

  • Breast
  • CNS
  • Head and Neck
  • GI
  • GU
  • GYN
  • Lymph/Peds/Sarc
  • Thoracic
  • Physics
  • Education/Business of Medicine
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