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ASTRO Application for Transfer to Emeritus Membership

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ASTRO Emeritus Membership Eligibility Requirements

Emeritus membership may be conferred by the Board of Directors of the Society upon request to the Secretary/Treasurer for any Active, Associate, Affiliate or International member who has been a member for at least five of the prior seven years and who has voluntarily retired from active practice or who has been retired for at least one year by reason of physical disability. Individuals requesting a transfer to Emeritus membership must be fully retired. You are not eligible for Emeritus membership if you are currently working Locum Tenens or if you are working in health care on a full-time, part-time or consulting basis.

Reason for request for transfer to ASTRO Emeritus membership:

The ASTRO Membership Committee will review requests for Emeritus membership and will report decisions to the ASTRO Board of Directors. The Membership Committee may request additional information to assist in making a determination. You will be notified of the decision no more than 45 days after receipt of request. Emeritus membership will begin immediately following approval. Membership dues for the current year is not refundable.

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