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Clinical Guidance

These resources were developed by clinical teams and based on the best available information at the time they were posted. 

COVID-19 ASTRO Journal Articles

ASTRO journals are publishing the latest research about COVID-19 as it relates to radiation oncology.

Updates on ASTRO Meetings/Activities

Find updates on ASTRO meetings and activities, including new meeting formats and other changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The answers and recommendations to these frequently asked questions were derived from institutional guidelines from selected academic centers, relevant websites (CDC, WHO) and a wide range of individual experiences.


Guide patients and caregivers to resources and information on how to care for themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID Advocacy

Learn more about the various policy and financial resources specific to advocacy efforts related to COVID-19 designed to assist practices as they continue to care for patients during the pandemic.

Report From Coronavirus Presentation

Watch the webcast report from March 15 - Report from COVID-19 Ground Zero by Dr. Ramesh Rengan and Dr. Eric Ford of the University of Washington in Seattle.

COVID-19 News & Media

Visit our press hub for media resources on radiation oncology and COVID-19, and hear from radiation oncologists featured in the news.
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