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Are you considering a career in radiation oncology but don’t know where to start? As your education progresses, you must have questions about the day-to-day experiences of a radiation oncologist. What’s it really like in a private practice or hospital setting? How do you achieve a work-life balance over the long-term? What can you expect in residency and how do you prepare?

In the Mentor Match program, these questions and more are fair game. Mentor Match provides a vehicle to connect with mentors on a number of diverse topics such as:

  • Making career choices
  • What to expect in residency
  • Learning more about radiation oncology
  • Developing leadership skills 
  • Work/life balance
  • Understanding the match process
  • Applying for grants

By no means is this a complete list as every relationship is different. You can build your own path and goals with guidance from your mentor.

Find a mentor now. 

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