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Support ASTRO's Patient Safety Initiative

ASTRO is dedicated to patient safety and offers industry the ability to partner in this critical area.

RO-ILS: Radiation Oncology Incident Learning System®

Align with ASTRO on this patient safety initiative that is the first of its kind. RO-ILS collects data about errors and near misses nationally in a protected environment and develops education for users and the community. The mission of RO-ILS is to facilitate safer and higher quality care in radiation oncology by providing a mechanism for shared learning in a secure and non-punitive environment. RO-ILS strengthens the field of radiation oncology, improves patient care and saves lives.

RO-ILS continues to surpass its goals and is proud of its accomplishments and successes:

  • Currently, there are more than 825 facilities enrolled in the program, representing approximately 32% of the all U.S. facilities.
  • Through a partnership with a patient safety organization (PSO), the RO-ILS data is legally protected from discovery as specified by the federal Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act.
  • According to results from the 2018 ASTRO membership survey, nine out of ten RO-ILS participants find the program valuable.
  • Since RO-ILS began in 2014, more than 27,000 cumulative safety events of varying severity were reported to the PSO. This is encouraging as a large number of events is a positive indicator of safety culture, vigilance and learning opportunities.
  • RO-ILS has released countless educational resources (e.g., reports, case studies, manuscripts) to the radiation oncology community to promote learning and error mitigation. 
  • We have been able to maintain the program at no cost to participants, allowing large academic centers and small community practices to join a diverse network of RO-ILS users from across the country.

ASTRO and RO-ILS cannot do this without our supporters. By becoming a RO-ILS supporter, you are facilitating safer clinical practice, will be recognized as a quality and safety leader, and will make a difference for patient care. Other benefits* may include:

  • Annual recognition in ASTROnews Safety Honor Role
  • Logo/name on all collateral and promotional materials (brochures, reports, website)
  • Ongoing recognition on the ASTRO website and ad space
  • Vendor-specific webinar(s)
  • Vendor-specific targeted educational resource
  • RO-ILS education updates
  • Press release for new supporters
  • Priority points toward Annual Meeting booth selection
  • Other Annual Meeting benefits including exhibit hall guest passes and varied on-site recognition

*Please note, not all benefits apply to all levels. See response form for applicable benefits.

For a detailed list of supporter benefits, or to align your company with ASTRO on this important initiative, please review the RO-ILS Response Form.

"Kudos to your professional organizations and vendors for supporting the specialty in such a meaningful way. I don’t know that I’ve seen another specialty provide a database and PSO support at no cost—I’m impressed."

                                      -Director for Risk Management when approving practice to enroll in RO-ILS

Commit and better the future of radiation oncology today! 

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