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Corporate Advisory Council

The Corporate Advisory Council is a smaller, representative group of the corporate membership-at-large, with an appropriate mix from the corporate membership base. Seats on the council should be held by high-level decision makers within the corporation. The council must be equally balanced between large and small corporations and represent a broad cross section of the Industry.


General Information


Through a synergistic relationship between ASTRO and its corporate members, the Corporate Advisory Council will focus on issues and initiatives of mutual concern in radiation oncology to increase awareness of radiation therapy and advance the science and practice of cancer treatment and patient care.


Twelve members.


To develop meaningful opportunities for providing and sharing advice and input on areas of mutual concern in radiation oncology. To have greater involvement with and support from the corporate sector in ASTRO activities.

Leadership Involvement

  • The Corporate Relations Committee chair shall serve as chair of the meetings of the council.
  • The Corporate Relations Committee Board Liaison shall be active with the council.
  • ASTRO Executive Committee participation encouraged.
  • Appropriate staff.

Corporate Advisory Council Addendum

(Adopted by the Board of Directors June 2002)
In the event that the CAC election results do not meet the stated criteria, the Corporate Working Group reserves the right to recommend additional seats (not to exceed three) to achieve the proper balance and representation. Final approval of all seats rests with the Board of Directors.

Election Process

Nominations for seats can come from any corporate member. To meet the objective of balance on the council, there will be three distinct categories based on size (sales volume in radiation oncology). Each category will have four seats. An annual election in the fall of each year will be held and each corporate member will be entitled to vote for up to three representatives in each category. The ballot will contain all nominees. Following the election, the Corporate Relations Committee will submit the results to the ASTRO Board of Directors for final approval.


Candidates for council seats must meet the following criteria:

  • ASTRO Corporate Member
  • Past service to ASTRO and the profession
  • Involvement in ASTRO meetings
  • Willingness to provide advice and assistance to ASTRO on current and planned programs, projects and needs
  • Top-level management representation (ability to make corporate decisions)
  • Past financial support of ASTRO or potential for future support
  • Willingness to assume expenses associated with involvement on the council
  • Commitment to serve
  • Commitment to participate in meetings

There will be no fee for a council seat aside from corporate member dues.


Terms will be for three years. 

Advisory Council members will have staggered terms with option to run for re-election. Corporation holds seat, not the individual (if seat is vacated by a representative, corporation must reappoint at same level or higher or opt out of seat).

2024 Corporate Advisory Council

Accuray Incorporated - Suzanne Winter

AstraZeneca - Kathleen Reed

CQ Medical - Mike Sutter

C-RAD AB - Ivan Astralaga

Elekta - Carlos Castilleja

Leo Cancer Care - Michael Bauer

MIM Software Inc. - Andy Nelson

Novartis - Amir Golan

Novocure - Pritesh Shah

Orfit Industries - Michael Pittman

PTW Corporation - Rob Morrison

RaySearch - Marc Mlyn

Reflexion - Todd Powell

Varian, A Siemens Healthineers Company - Arthus Kaindl

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