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Global Health


ARRO's Global Health Subcommittee's mission is to equip residents to pursue global health efforts in outreach, research and education in radiation oncology and by doing so, expanding our role in achieving more equitable health care for all global citizens. The subcommittee works to increase awareness of health disparities and opportunities to advance cancer care worldwide.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To help trainees of all levels develop the skills necessary to pursue a career in global oncology.
  2. To identify health disparities in cancer prevention and treatment.
  3. To assess international health care systems and identify multidisciplinary oncologic challenges in resource-poor settings.

Quick Facts: Cancer in Developing Countries

  1. Seven out of 10 cancer deaths globally occur in developing countries. Cancer kills more people than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.
  2. Developing countries make up roughly 85% of the world’s population but possess only one third of the world’s radiation equipment. The equipment they do have is often outdated and insufficient.
  3. U.S.: Approximately one machine for 105,000 people; 2 percent of machines are cobalt
    Africa: one machine for 4.8 million people; 48 percent of machines are cobalt
    South America: one machine for 640,000 people; 39 percent of machines are cobalt

These numbers reveal inequity and great need in global cancer care.

Radiation Oncology: A Global Perspective

The ARRO Global Health Subcommittee has created a series of presentations that take a deeper look at the facts regarding radiation oncology globally. View the presentations below for various facts and figures about radiation oncology around the world.

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