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D&I in ASTRO's Journals

ASTRO’s journals work to foster diversity, equity and inclusion at all stages of the publication process. The journals strive for editorial boards that are representative of ASTRO’s membership, and encourage diversity in study methodologies and thorough demographic reporting in published articles. Robust training opportunities are available for emerging scholars.

Red Journal Special Issues: Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (May and June 2023)

The International Journal of Radiation Oncology • Biology • Physics published two special issues covering DEI and health equity-related research and advances. View part 1 of the Special HEDI Issue (May 2023) and part 2 of the Special HEDI Issue (June 2023). And make sure to listen to the editor’s podcasts for these editions listed below.

DEI Collections

All three ASTRO journals publish articles related to diversity, equity and inclusion that are typically found at the beginning of specific journal issues – and they tend to be among the most widely read articles! View the DEI Collections from all three journals.


Red Journal Podcasts

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