Daily Practice

Help your colleagues in Puerto Rico

The recent hurricanes in Puerto Rico have left cancer patients, physicians and hospitals in a dire condition. Radiation oncologists in Puerto Rico have notified us that the major problems continue to be the lack of electricity and the collapse of the fuel distribution system creating an end-user shortage of fuel for transportation and generators. Also, water supplies and communications are very limited. The authorities have made some progress to mitigate these problems but it has been very slow.

Fortunately, most if not all RT centers in PR have emergency power generators. Unfortunately, the authorities attempting to reestablish fuel distribution and some hospital administrators have not included RT centers as medical providers deserving high priority.

Here are some ways you can help.

  • On a grassroots level, contact your congressional leaders to tell them that continuous radiation therapy is, in many cases, life saving and an absolute medical necessity. Puerto Rican radiation therapy centers require priority fuel distribution to keep their generators running.
  • Communication is still very limited in Puerto Rico. You can offer assistance to your colleagues through their Facebook page.
  • Additional resources for patients can be found on the RTAnswers website.

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