Daily Practice


Quality Measurement

Quality measures are used to assess various aspects of the delivery of healthcare and are directly linked to physician payment through a variety of quality reporting programs. ASTRO is committed to developing quality measures that are meaningful and relevant to radiation oncologists through independent development efforts, and by working collaboratively with other medical societies. See a full list of ASTRO's quality measures.

Measures Governance

Measure development at ASTRO operates under the Clinical Affairs and Quality Council (CAQC). The mission is to identify quality indicators and develop measures to address gaps in care and variation in treatment; to provide oversight on the use of measures in ASTRO programs and make recommendations about the use of measures in federal programs; to evaluate and make recommendations about the maintenance of measures; and to represent ASTRO before quality measurement and improvement organizations.

Measure developers assess clinical practice statements and performance data to identify gaps in care. Measure concepts are vetted, prioritized and tested according to clinical importance, comprehensiveness and reliability and feasibility of reporting.