Daily Practice



Am I able to have access to the Self-Assessment Guide before applying for the APEx program?
How long does the APEx accreditation last?
What is a typical time frame to complete the APEx program?
What are the APEx requirements for radiation oncologist supervision?
Does APEx meet regulatory requirements for accreditation?
Does the VA recognize APEx as an accrediting body for radiation oncology practices?


How do I apply for APEx accreditation?
What happens if one of our satellites is more than 50-miles from the main facility?
What if our practice needs to adjust the legal agreements?
What is the price for APEx accreditation?
Are there any discounts for APEx?
Is the entire fee due before starting APEx?


Why is the Self-Assessment necessary? We just want a facility visit.
What is the difference between Level 1 evidence indicators and Level 2?
Who completes the Self-Assessment in a multi-facility practice?

Facility Visits and Determinations

Do I get to choose my facility visit date?
Does each facility in a multi-facility practice have its own facility visit?
Will I know my determination at the end of the facility visit?
Who decides if my practice earns APEx accreditation?
Does each facility in a multi-facility practice get their own determination?
What happens if we receive a provisional determination?
What if we want to appeal our determination?

APEx Reaccreditation

When can I start my reaccreditation?
Since the last accreditation cycle, our multi-facility practice has added/removed a satellite. How do we add/remove this satellite?
I am trying to access the APEx Portal, but I cannot click the resume button?
Is the reaccreditation process the same as the initial accreditation process?
Are there any time frames associated with the reaccreditation process?

Evidence Indicators (EI)

EI 1.1: Comprehensive Patient Evaluation. Does all this information need to be included in the consultation note? What if it is documented in other encounters
EI 3.2: Timeout Process. We do a timeout for every patient but do not record it anywhere. How is this checked in APEx?
EI 5.2: Professional Qualifications. We have two dosimetrists; one is Board certified and the other is not. Will this prevent accreditation?
EI 7.5.1: The ROP participates with a Patient Safety Organization (PSO). What is a PSO and what if our ROP doesn’t participate in a patient safety organization?
EI 13.1-4: Peer Review for each professional discipline. Do we need to have a peer review for all disciplines at our facility?
EI 14.1: Patient Consent. What does it mean that consent must be current? What happens when the consent is older than 60 days?