Daily Practice

APEx Surveyors

Disclaimer: ASTRO is currently NOT accepting new surveyors. If you are interested in becoming a surveyor in the future, please review the process below and revisit the ASTRO webpage for future opportunities.

Surveyor Requirements

In order to be an ASTRO APEx surveyor, one must satisfy all of the following:

  • be a U.S. licensed and board certified radiation oncologist or medical physicist;
  • be an ASTRO member;
  • be an experienced professional with at least five years of U.S. radiation oncology experience post licensing;
  • be currently engaged in active practice in a U.S. based radiation oncology practice (as defined in the APEx Accreditation Procedures);
  • agree to survey exclusively for the ASTRO APEx program;
  • agree to not accept any fee in exchange for consulting with respect to APEx accreditation or radiation oncology accreditation generally;
  • comply with all ongoing orientation and training requirements; and
  • be available to complete no less than one-day survey per quarter

ASTRO also expects its surveyors to comply with all aspects of the Surveyor Agreement and all APEx Accreditation Procedures, including but not limited to the following:

Accreditation Knowledge
Continuing Education
Computer Skills
Professional Conduct and Use of Appropriate Communication
Conflicts of Interest
Compliance with Policies
Surveyor Agreement