Resident Application for Evidence Review Participation

ASTRO welcomes applications for resident participation in the guideline evidence review process.

No topics are currently available for resident application. Please check back soon!

Application Requirements:
Application Requirements


Hispanic or Latinx:

Are you of Hispanic or Latinx ethnicity?
Are you of Hispanic or Latinx ethnicity?:

What is your race label:

What is your race? (select all that apply) 
What is your race? (select all that apply) :

Georgraphic Lable:

Geographic location (select one)
Geographic location (select one):

PracticeType label:

Practice Type:

  • Article screening and evaluation:
    • Assess the relevance of each article to the guideline’s key questions
    • Classify the type of study (RCT, prospective, retrospective, etc.) for included articles
    • Indicate the reasons for excluding articles
  • Must contribute regularly and complete the assignment by the predetermined deadlines once the individual commits to participating.
  • Data abstraction from full-text articles: study details such as patient and tumor characteristics, inclusion/exclusion criteria, interventions and outcomes are entered into an online evidence review software program, requiring accuracy of data to be used in evidence tables.
  • Residents are paid $45/hour as a W-9 independent contractor.
  • Residents are recognized in the acknowledgements section of the guideline. We are not able to offer authorship due to the Medical Journal Editors authorship rules (www.icmje.org).
  • Residents may list their involvement on the guideline on their professional CVs.
Please submit the following statements and documents.
  • A statement of interest (100-300 words) describing your disease site topic of focus and other relevant information e.g., clinical experience managing this disease site, experience developing systematic evidence reviews, performing literature reviews or writing research articles.
  • Please attach your curriculum vitae (CV).
Upload your statement of interest.
Upload your curriculum vitae (CV)