Professional Development and Research

Watch our live and recorded webinars that are specific to professional development and research below! 

ARRO Webinar: Advocacy

Get ready for ASTRO Advocacy Day (May 16-17, 2022) with our new webinar.


ADROP and ARRO have worked together on lectures on topics including statistics and ethics.

Medicare Reimbursement Model

Confused about how the current model works for medicare reimbursement? Fnd out more in a three part series of live and recorded webinars. 

Preparing for Graduation

Informative presentations on topics pertinent to residents preparing for graduation and independent practice.

Tools for Extreme Resilience: How to Stress Protect Yourself and Your Patients

Featured speakers Laurel Mellin, PhD, founder of Emotional Brain Training, and Patricia Robertson, MD, from the University of California, San Francisco, lead this session, moderated by Sue Yom, MD, Malika Siker, MD, and Shauna Campbell, DO. Seminar attendees learn how the science of “allostasis” makes physicians particularly vulnerable to stress overload, and how to use brain-based techniques to overcome it during challenging times.