Thoracic with Andreas Rimner, MD

February 27, 2018


Case Summaries:

Concurrent CRT      72F with cT4N3M0, stage IIIB NSCLC of the LUL. She had   encasement of the left pulmonary artery. She received 60Gy with   concurrent carboplatin/pemetrexed.

 59M with pT2aN2, stage IIIA, NSCLC of the LUL. He had a   resection with negative margins but 2/2 AP window LNs involved.   He received 4 cycles adj cis/peme followed by 54Gy/30fx.
SBRT  83F with cT2aN0M0, stage IB NSCLC of the RUL. She received   SBRT 12Gy x 4.

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