Radiation Biology

Radiation biology is a primary concept underlying the practice of radiation oncology, and understanding the principles of radiation biology is essential for radiation oncologists to understand the effects of radiation therapy on the body. All radiation oncology residents are required to take a qualifying board exam on radiation biology. The study guide from the American Board of Radiology Qualifying Examination in Radiation and Cancer Biology is a comprehensive question and answer guide that provides guidance on the content that is tested on the exam. On this page, we have included high-yield radiation biology review lectures and two full radiation biology courses for radiation oncology residents to use in their studying on this topic.

Radiobiology Lectures

2023 Review Videos

2020 Review Videos

Chicago Radiobiology Course by Gayle Woloschak, PhD (2020-2021)

Lecture Number Lecture Subject Year
Lecture 1 The Physics and Chemistry of Radiation Absorption 2020-2021
Lecture 2 DNA Strand Breaks and Chromosomal Aberrations 2020-2021
Lecture 3 Cell Survival Curves 2020-2021
Lecture 4 Radiosensitivity and Cell Age in the Mitotic Cycle 2020-2021
Lecture 5 Repair of Radiation Damage and the Dose-Rate Effect 2020-2021
Lecture 6 The Oxygen Effect and Reoxygenation 2020-2021
Lecture 7 LET and RBE 2019-2020
Lecture 8 (Part 1) Acute Effects of Total Body Radiation 2020-2021
Lecture 8 (Part 2) Radiologic Terrorism 2020-2021
Lecture 9 Radioprotectors 2020-2021
Lecture 10 Radiation Carcinogenesis 2020-2021
Lecture 11 Hereditary Effects of Radiation 2020-2021
Lecture 12 Effects of Radiation on Embryo and Fetus 2020-2021
Lecture 13 Radiation Cataractogenesis 2020-2021
Lecture 14 Doses and Risks in Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology 2020-2021
Lecture 15 Radiation Protection 2020-2021
Lecture 16 Cancer Biology 2020-2021
Lecture 17 Dose-Response Relationships for Normal Tissues 2020-2021
Lecture 18 Clinical Response of Normal Tissues 2020-2021
Lecture 19 Model Tumor Systems 2020-2021
Lecture 20 Cell, Tissue, and Tumor Kinetics 2020-2021
Lecture 21 Time, Dose, and Fractionation in Radiotherapy 2020-2021
Lecture 22 Alternative Treatment Modalities 2020-2021
Lecture 23 Radiosensitizers and Bioreductive Drugs 2020-2021
Lecture 24 Gene Therapy 2020-2021
Lecture 25 Chemotherapy and Radiation 2020-2021
Additional Topic 1 Radiation Sensitivity Syndromes and Molecular DNA Repair 2020-2021
Additional Topic 2 Hyperthermia 2020-2021
Additional Topic 3 Molecular Imaging 2020-2021
Additional Topic 4 Predictive Assays 2020-2021

High-Yield Radiobiology Board Review by Gayle Woloschak, PhD

Radiobiology Review Course by William McBride, PhD, DSc.

The following lecture series from 2006 was provided courtesy of William McBride, PhD, DSc. The lectures cover core topics in radiobiology that are fundamental to radiotherapeutic management of cancer.

Interaction of Radiation With Biological Matter Radiation Targets 1 Radiation Targets 2 Molecular Signaling and Cancer Clinically Relevant Normal Tissue Responses Tumor Responses to Radiotherapy Radiobiology Behind Dose Fractionation The Radiobiology of Alternate Physical Forms of Radiation Delivery Biologic Targeting in Radiation Therapy Interactions of RT with CT and Other Agents The Effects of Radiation Exposure Inside and Outside the Clinic