About ARRO

The Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology exists to improve the quality of education for resident physicians in radiation oncology by:

  • Disseminating information to all radiation oncology residents.
  • Formalizing resident input to professional organizations and committees affecting radiation oncology residents and residency training.
  • Providing a forum for radiation oncology residents for the exchange of information each year in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology, hereinafter referred to as “ASTRO”.

Membership in ARRO is automatic, without dues, for any member-in-training of ASTRO. ARRO membership is reserved for residents in their PGY 2 – PGY 5 years. After residency an ASTRO member-in-training needs to apply for full ASTRO membership, and will no longer be a member of ARRO.


The governing body of ARRO is an Executive Committee consisting of nine members, six voting members and three non-voting members. The voting members consist of three junior and three senior radiation oncology residents. There are also three ARRO Subcommittees including the Education Subcommittee, Global Health Subcommittee and Communications Subcommittee.

View the current members of the ARRO Executive commitee.
View the current members of each of the three ARRO Subcommittees

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