About ARRO



The Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology was founded to 

  • Improve the quality of education for resident physicians in radiation oncology.
  • Advocate on behalf of residents to professional organizations and committees on matters affecting radiation oncology residents and residency training.
  • Host the ARRO Annual Seminar held at the American Society for Radiation Oncology Annual Meeting, providing a venue for residents to collaborate and exchange ideas. 


Membership and Directory The ARRO Directory is put together by ASTRO an contains contact information for all ACGME accredited radiation oncology resident programs.
ARRO Executive Committee Learn more about the ARRO Executive Committee and the ARRO Subcommittees, as well as how to get involved.
ARRO Subcommittees Learn more about each of ARRO's Subcommittees and their current projects.
ARRO Annual Seminar The ARRO Annual Seminar takes place each year at the ASTRO Annual Meeting. View past presentations here.