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2022 ADROP Annual Meeting

The ADROP Annual Meeting will take place in San Antonio on Saturday, October 22, 2022. Stay tuned to the ADROP Update newsletter and the website for the latest meeting updates.

2022 ADROP Member Retreat

Missed the 2022 ADROP Retreat? View presenations that are available in the library in the ADROP private community on the ROhub

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Best Practices for Residency Applicant Review and Selection

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When embarking on the residency selection process for your training program, it is important to recognize that attracting applicants with relevant attributes and experiences is vital for shoring up the strength of our specialty while meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse patient population. A holistic review, applied at all stages of the selection process, can be an effective way to ensure that qualified applicants are not overlooked. Rachel B. Jimenez, MD, Curtiland Deville, Jr., MD, Chelsea C. Pinnix, MD, PhD, and Iris C. Gibbs, MD, created this tips sheet to share some do’s and don’ts to consider during each phase of the recruitment season.

View these best practices for residency review and selection.

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