Strategic Plan

ASTRO’s mission is to advance the practice of radiation oncology by promoting excellence in patient care, providing opportunities for educational and professional development, promoting research and disseminating research results and representing radiation oncology in a rapidly evolving health care environment.

Approved by the ASTRO Board of Directors June 2017

A strategic plan is essential to help guide ASTRO in the coming years and outline measurable goals for our specialty as a whole. Over the past year, ASTRO membership, Board of Directors and staff looked at the most pressing issues facing the field of radiation oncology and provided input for the development of our new strategic plan, outlined below. 

Core Purpose

Advance the field of radiation oncology.  

Core Values

  • Excellence in patient care
  • Improved outcomes
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Diversity and inclusion


Radiation oncology is the recognized leader in quality, innovation and value in multidisciplinary cancer care. 

Major Areas of Focus

Elevate the Profile of the Field

Goal: Establish radiation oncology as an equal partner in the cancer field.

Impact of Research and Innovation

Goal: Retain and foster the intellectual research talent currently entering the field of radiation oncology.

Health Policy Development and Advocacy

Goal: Shape the health policy environment to support radiation oncologists’ ability to practice to the fullest extent to benefit their patients.

Quality and Value

Goal: Consistently deliver the highest quality and value care to cancer patients.

How will successfully achieving these strategic goals shape the future of the specialty?
The majority of Americans will have a positive perception and awareness of radiation oncology. Radiation oncologists will be regularly quoted in mainstream media. Cancer care will be characterized by molecular and genomic typing (personalized/precision medicine), and the significant role of radiation oncology in this evolution of care will be well understood by the House of Medicine. The ASTRO Annual Meeting will be the preferred venue for cutting-edge research presentations. Cancer patients will look to radiation oncology as the leader of their oncology team. All patients who could benefit from radiation therapy will receive it. Radiation oncologists will provide direct patient access and will be consulted prior to treatment about decisions guiding cancer care, and radiotherapy utilization will increase in underused disease sites.

Integration of multidisciplinary care will be established by evidence. We will continually measure improvements in radiotherapy value using metrics focused on cost, outcomes, and patient satisfaction. Our research will be transformative and published in high impact journals. We will embrace public reporting of objective quality metrics and price transparency. We will be recognized for having directly bent the oncology cost-curve. We will be a primary participant and deeply involved in oncology policy development. Other cancer and research specialists are inspired to join ASTRO based on its effective collaboration with government agencies and policy stakeholders.