Gold Medalists

Colleen A. Lawton Medical College of Wisconsin 10/26/2021
Lori J. Pierce University of Michigan 10/26/2021
Bruce Haffty Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey 10/27/2020
Brian O'Sullivan Princess Margaret Hospital 10/27/2020
Walter J. Curran Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University 9/17/2019
Silvia Chiara Formenti Weill Cornell Medical College 9/17/2019
Thomas Rockwell Mackie University of Wisconsin 9/17/2019
Patricia Eifel University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 10/23/2018
David Jaffray Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 10/23/2018
Ralph Weichselbaum University of Chicago Medicine 10/23/2018
Søren M. Bentzen University of Maryland School of Medicine 9/26/2017
Louis B. Harrison H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute 9/26/2017
Michael L. Steinberg UCLA 9/26/2017
Benedick A. Fraass Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 9/28/2016
Christopher G. Willett Duke University Medical Center 9/28/2016
Anthony L. Zietman Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center 9/28/2016
Carl R. Bogardus Jr.* University of Oklahoma Health Science Center 10/20/2015
Carl M. Mansfield* University of Maryland 10/20/2015
James B. Mitchell NCI/NIH 10/20/2015
Mary K. Gospodarowicz Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 9/16/2014
Leonard L. Gunderson Mayo Clinic 9/16/2014
Nancy J. Tarbell Harvard Medical School 9/16/2014
Amato J. Giaccia Stanford University 9/24/2013
Radhe Mohan MD Anderson Cancer Center 9/24/2013
Prabhakar Tripuraneni Scripps Clinic 9/24/2013
J. Robert Cassady Lahey Clinic (Retired) 10/30/2012
George T.Y. Chen Massachusetts General Hospital 10/30/2012
Mark W. Dewhirst Duke University 10/30/2012
K. Kian Ang* MD Anderson Cancer Center 10/4/2011
Bernard Cummings Princess Margaret Hospital 10/4/2011
William McBride David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 11/2/2010
David Larson University of California San Francisco 11/2/2010
William Shipley Massachusetts General Hospital 11/3/2009
Theodore Lawrence University of Michigan Radiation Oncology 11/3/2009
Joel Tepper UNC- Chapel Hill 9/23/2008
Christopher Rose Valley Radiotherapy Associates Medical Group 9/23/2008
Larry Kun* St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 10/30/2007
Jay Harris Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 10/30/2007
C. Clifton Ling Memorial Sloan Kettering 11/5/2006
Richard Hoppe Stanford University 11/5/2006
Allen Lichter American Society of Clinical Oncology 10/18/2005
C. Norman Coleman National Cancer Institute 10/18/2005
Paul Wallner 21st Century Oncology 10/5/2004
Luka Milas Emeritus, MD Anderson Cancer Center 10/5/2004
Eli Glatstein* University of Pennsylvania Medical Center 10/5/2004
J. Frank Wilson Medical College of WI 10/21/2003
Lester Peters Emeritus 10/21/2003
Michael Goitein* Emeritus 10/21/2003
Marvin Rotman SUNY Downstate Medical Center 10/8/2002
Victor Marcial* VAMB, PSC 10/8/2002
Steven Leibel*   10/8/2002
Howard Thames MD Anderson Cancer Center 11/6/2001
Karen Fu Emeritus 11/6/2001
James Purdy Emeritus 10/24/2000
Sarah Donaldson Stanford University Medical Center 10/24/2000
Giulio D'Angio* Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania 10/1/1999
Martin Brown Stanford University 10/1/1999
William Dewey Emeritus 10/1/1998
Theodore Brickner*   10/1/1998
Chiu-Chen Wang* Emeritus, Massachusetts General Hospital 10/1/1997
Luis Delclos* Emeritus 10/1/1997
Robert Shalek* Emeritus 10/1/1996
Zvi Fuks Emeritus, Memorial Sloan Kettering 10/1/1996
John Fowler*   10/1/1995
Rodney Million Emeritus 10/1/1995
Gerald Hanks*   10/1/1994
James Cox* MD Anderson Cancer Center 10/1/1994
Theodore Phillips University of Arizona 10/1/1993
John Laughlin*   10/1/1993
Eric Hall Emeritus, Columbia University Medical Center 10/1/1993
Carlos Perez Emeritus, Washington University 11/1/1992
Eleanor Montague* Emeritus 11/1/1992
H. Rodney Withers* Emeritus, UCLA 11/1/1991
Seymour Levitt*   11/1/1991
Herman Suit Massachusetts General Hospital 10/1/1990
Samuel Hellman Emeritus, University of Chicago 10/1/1990
Robert Parker*   10/1/1989
William Powers*   10/1/1988
Luther Brady* Drexel University 10/1/1987
Walter Rider*   11/1/1986
Malcolm Bagshaw*   9/1/1985
Philip Rubin* Emeritus 10/1/1984
Mortimer Elkind*   10/1/1983
Morton Kligerman*   10/1/1982
William Moss*   10/1/1981
Simon Kramer*   10/1/1980
Harold Johns*   10/1/1980
Isadore Lampe*   10/1/1979
M. Vera Peters*   10/1/1979
Franz Buschke*   10/1/1978
Edith Quimby*   10/1/1978
Juan A Del Regato*   11/1/1977
Gilbert Fletcher*   11/1/1977
Henry Kaplan*   11/1/1977

* Indicates Deceased