Gold Medalists

The Gold Medal is ASTRO's highest honor bestowed on revered members who have made outstanding contributions to the field of radiation oncology. This includes research, clinical care, teaching and service. Recipients are drawn from any of the scientific disciplines represented by the members of the Society.

Below is the list of Gold Medal recipients through the years. Select a name to view their tribute.

Najeeb Mohideen Northwest Community Hospital 10/3/2023
Simon Powell Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 10/3/2023
Randall Ten Haken University of Michigan 10/3/2023
Tim R. Williams South Florida Proton Therapy Institute 10/25/2022
Wendell R. Lutz Emeritus 10/25/2022
Colleen A.F. Lawton Medical College of Wisconsin 10/26/2021
Lori J. Pierce University of Michigan 10/26/2021
Bruce Haffty Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey 10/27/2020
Brian O'Sullivan Princess Margaret Hospital 10/27/2020
Walter J. Curran Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University 9/17/2019
Silvia Formenti Chiara Weill Cornell Medical College 9/17/2019
Thomas Rockwell Mackie University of Wisconsin 9/17/2019
Patricia Eifel University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center 10/23/2018
David Jaffray Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 10/23/2018
Ralph Weichselbaum University of Chicago Medicine 10/23/2018
Søren M. Bentzen University of Maryland School of Medicine 9/26/2017
Louis B. Harrison H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute 9/26/2017
Michael L. Steinberg UCLA 9/26/2017
Benedick A. Fraass Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 9/28/2016
Christopher G. Willett Duke University Medical Center 9/28/2016
Anthony L. Zietman Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center 9/28/2016
Carl R. Bogardus Jr.* University of Oklahoma Health Science Center 10/20/2015
Carl M. Mansfield* University of Maryland 10/20/2015
James B. Mitchell NCI/NIH 10/20/2015
Mary K. Gospodarowicz Princess Margaret Cancer Centre 9/16/2014
Leonard L. Gunderson Mayo Clinic 9/16/2014
Nancy J. Tarbell Harvard Medical School 9/16/2014
Amato J. Giaccia Stanford University 9/24/2013
Radhe Mohan MD Anderson Cancer Center 9/24/2013
Prabhakar Tripuraneni Scripps Clinic 9/24/2013
J. Robert Cassady Lahey Clinic (Retired) 10/30/2012
George T.Y. Chen Massachusetts General Hospital 10/30/2012
Mark W. Dewhirst Duke University 10/30/2012
K. Kian Ang* MD Anderson Cancer Center 10/4/2011
Bernard Cummings Princess Margaret Hospital 10/4/2011
William McBride David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 11/2/2010
David Larson University of California San Francisco 11/2/2010
William Shipley Massachusetts General Hospital 11/3/2009
Theodore Lawrence University of Michigan Radiation Oncology 11/3/2009
Joel Tepper UNC- Chapel Hill 9/23/2008
Christopher Rose Valley Radiotherapy Associates Medical Group 9/23/2008
Larry Kun* St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 10/30/2007
Jay Harris Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 10/30/2007
C. Clifton Ling Memorial Sloan Kettering 11/5/2006
Richard Hoppe Stanford University 11/5/2006
Allen Lichter American Society of Clinical Oncology 10/18/2005
C. Norman Coleman National Cancer Institute 10/18/2005
Paul Wallner 21st Century Oncology 10/5/2004
Luka Milas Emeritus, MD Anderson Cancer Center 10/5/2004
Eli Glatstein* University of Pennsylvania Medical Center 10/5/2004
J. Frank Wilson Medical College of WI 10/21/2003
Lester Peters Emeritus 10/21/2003
Michael Goitein* Emeritus 10/21/2003
Marvin Rotman SUNY Downstate Medical Center 10/8/2002
Victor Marcial* VAMB, PSC 10/8/2002
Steven Leibel*   10/8/2002
Howard Thames MD Anderson Cancer Center 11/6/2001
Karen Fu Emeritus 11/6/2001
James Purdy Emeritus 10/24/2000
Sarah Donaldson Stanford University Medical Center 10/24/2000
Giulio D'Angio* Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania 10/1/1999
Martin Brown Stanford University 10/1/1999
William Dewey Emeritus 10/1/1998
Theodore Brickner*   10/1/1998
Chiu-Chen Wang* Emeritus, Massachusetts General Hospital 10/1/1997
Luis Delclos* Emeritus 10/1/1997
Robert Shalek* Emeritus 10/1/1996
Zvi Fuks Emeritus, Memorial Sloan Kettering 10/1/1996
John Fowler*   10/1/1995
Rodney Million Emeritus 10/1/1995
Gerald Hanks*   10/1/1994
James Cox* MD Anderson Cancer Center 10/1/1994
Theodore Phillips University of Arizona 10/1/1993
John Laughlin*   10/1/1993
Eric Hall Emeritus, Columbia University Medical Center 10/1/1993
Carlos Perez Emeritus, Washington University 11/1/1992
Eleanor Montague* Emeritus 11/1/1992
H. Rodney Withers* Emeritus, UCLA 11/1/1991
Seymour Levitt*   11/1/1991
Herman Suit Massachusetts General Hospital 10/1/1990
Samuel Hellman Emeritus, University of Chicago 10/1/1990
Robert Parker*   10/1/1989
William Powers*   10/1/1988
Luther Brady* Drexel University 10/1/1987
Walter Rider*   11/1/1986
Malcolm Bagshaw*   9/1/1985
Philip Rubin* Emeritus 10/1/1984
Mortimer Elkind*   10/1/1983
Morton Kligerman*   10/1/1982
William Moss*   10/1/1981
Simon Kramer*   10/1/1980
Harold Johns*   10/1/1980
Isadore Lampe*   10/1/1979
M. Vera Peters*   10/1/1979
Franz Buschke*   10/1/1978
Edith Quimby*   10/1/1978
Juan A Del Regato*   11/1/1977
Gilbert Fletcher*   11/1/1977
Henry Kaplan*   11/1/1977

* Indicates Deceased