Are you presenting at ASTRO's Annual Meeting this year? Presenters can find more information below regarding presentation requirements, locate all other necessary tools to help you build your presentation and review important deadlines.

Speaker Center

The Speaker Center is a one-stop shop for faculty and presenters to:

  • Accept or decline your role(s).
  • Complete the necessary ACCME forms.
  • View your session(s) date/time.
  • Update disclosure(s).
  • Find out more information on how to upload your presentation(s) format and important deadlines.

To log in to the Speaker Center:

  • Go to astro.org/am23 (works best in Chrome).
  • Log in using your ASTRO credentials.
    • Forgot your password? Use the Forgot Password link to be sent a temporary password; once you log in, you can set up your permanent password.
  • After you log in, you will be redirected to the ASTRO Gateway. Once there:
    • Select the "Speaker Center" module.
    • Select the "Speaker Center" link.

Need help or have questions? Contact ASTRO Annual Meeting Team.

Presentation Format and Guidelines

  • Slide Upload Deadline: Please upload preliminary slides by Tuesday, September 26, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time. If you do not meet this deadline, you can upload your slides in the Speaker Ready Room once you arrive in San Diego.
  • We recommend using the official meeting PowerPoint templates for your presentation – Generic PowerPoint Template or PowerPoint Template with X (Twitter) Handle.
  • All presentations at this year's Annual Meeting will be in WIDESCREEN format. To take full advantage of the new widescreen format, we recommend that you build or convert your presentation to 16:9.
  • All presenters are encouraged to use the official meeting PowerPoint template for your presentation.
  • For more information to best organize your presentation, please review ASTRO's Best Practices in Presentation Design and Delivery.
  • For questions about your presentation, contact the Annual Meeting team.
Culture of Respect

In an effort to improve practice around using respectful language regarding patients and colleagues, ASTRO Leadership has developed Culture of Respect Guidelines that we ask all presenters to review and adhere to during their presentations at the Annual Meeting and all ASTRO meetings. The language addresses the importance of using professional introductions, correct pronunciations of names and correct use of pronouns, as well as respectful language around patients. The guidelines provide examples of appropriate and inappropriate language that you will find helpful as you prepare your presentation.

Faculty Best Practices Training

We are pleased to offer all faculty and presenters access to the newly developed Faculty Best Practices Training in the ASTRO Academy. The purpose of the trainings is to help ASTRO speakers organize their presentations, create effective visual design of content and slides and prepare their presentation delivery following recommended best practices and ASTRO guidelines. All faculty and presenters have already been added to the training which takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes total to complete. Each training includes printable quality checklists, the slides and scripts from the narrated presentations and additional resources. Plus, earn CME credit so get started now!

  • Presentation Organization – the narrated presentation is 20 minutes plus self-assessment quiz and additional resources ~ 30 minutes
  • Presentation Delivery – the narrated presentation is 20 minutes plus self-assessment quiz and additional resources ~ 30 minutes
  • Presentation Visual Design – the narrated presentation is 11 minutes plus self-assessment quiz and additional resources ~ 20 minutes

If you are unable to access the faculty training please email the education department for assistance.

Abstract Presenters

Oral Abstract Presenters, Quick Pitch Presenters and Poster Presenters can find more information below specific to their presentation format.

Oral Presenters


Oral scientific sessions are labeled as “SS 01, SS 02,” and are either 60- or 75-minutes in length. The session will contain either six or seven abstracts depending on the scheduled session time. Each speaker is given seven minutes to present their abstract followed by a three-minute question and answer period, for a total of 10 minutes per abstract.

All abstract presenters must deliver their presentations in person, in San Diego. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate virtual presentations. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please decline your role and reach out to ASTRO staff for assistance, as needed.


All abstract authors must submit their slides ahead of time. Slides can be submitted virtually through the Speaker Center until Tuesday, September 26, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time. All speakers must also review their slides with ASTRO AV technicians in the Speaker Ready Room once you arrive on site. If you are unable to upload before September 26, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time, you may upload directly in the Speaker Ready Room. We highly encourage all presenters to upload before the deadline in order to ensure there are no AV concerns during your session and to allow your moderator time to review your slides prior to the session.

If your session has a Discussant, you must submit a second set of summary slides for the Discussant (more information is included below). The Discussant slides are due no later than Friday, September 8, 2023. If you fail to meet this deadline, your abstract will not be included in the Discussant's presentation.


Each session is assigned two moderators to keep time and assist speakers with the question-and-answer period. Presenters will be able to see their session Moderators in the Speaker Center.


Scientific Sessions may also include a Discussant to provide a background to frame the presentations, emphasize the key points or provide an alternative point of view of the presented abstracts. IF your session has been assigned a Discussant to discuss your paper, you will be notified in a subsequent email to forward three to four summary slides and a take-home message in PowerPoint by Friday, September 8, 2023. Your slides will be given to the Discussant prior to the Annual Meeting to aid them in the preparation of their presentation and slides.

Presenters will be able to see their Discussant in the Speaker Center.

Quick Pitch Presenters


Quick Pitch sessions are 60-minutes long. Each session will include six presenters who have five minutes and five slides to present the highlights of their study and a take-home message. These sessions will include time for Q&A at the end of the session, with the two moderators and six presenters.

All abstract presenters must deliver their presentations in person, in San Diego. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate virtual presentations. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please decline your role and reach out to ASTRO staff for assistance, as needed.


All Quick Pitch abstract authors must submit their slides ahead of time. Slides can be submitted through the Speaker Center until Tuesday, September 26, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time. All presenters must also review their slides with ASTRO AV technicians in the Speaker Ready Room upon arrival.


Each session is assigned two moderators to assist speakers with the question and answer period. Presenters will be able to see their session moderators in the Speaker Center.

Poster Presenters

Nearly 1,650 digital posters will be available to view both at the in-person meeting, and on the virtual meeting platform. All poster presenters must record an audio narration to be used as your presentation. This will allow both in-person and virtual meeting attendees to view all poster presentations.

Posters will be available for viewing and listening on kiosks in San Diego and through the Annual Meeting Portal, MyASTROApp and ASTRO website via the Virtual Poster Library. Posters will be available to view throughout the meeting and beyond. Poster Q&A Sessions will be scheduled based on disease sites throughout the meeting dates (October 1-4, 2023). During the scheduled Poster Q&A Session time, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions to specific poster presenters. Poster presenters are required to attend the Poster Q&A sessions to answer questions from the audience.

There will not be any virtual poster sessions.

Presentation Deadline and Requirements
All posters MUST be submitted by September 15, 2023. For more details on your poster requirements, including deadlines, fees, etc., please visit the Speaker Center and navigate to the "My presentations" tab. If you are unable to meet the submission deadline, please decline your role in the Speaker Center and withdraw your abstract.

Steps to Create, Build and Narrate Your Poster

  • Review the Poster Building Guidelines
  • Create Your Poster using one of our two poster templates
  • Deadlines and Fees: The deadlines for the digital upload fee are as follows:
    • By July 14, 2023: $25
    • By August 11, 2023: $55
    • By September 15, 2023: $85
  • Pay for Your Poster: In order for you to have access to the poster builder to upload your poster you must pay the upload fee for your poster in the Speaker Center. Once you have paid the fee you will have access to upload your poster below.
  • Upload Your Poster: Log in to the Speaker Center, click on My Presentations, then your poster presentation title, "Go to Poster Builder" button and build/narrate your poster prior to September 15, 2023, at 12:00 a.m. Eastern time.
    • Please note: You may upload a draft version of your poster at any time using the button below and you will have access until the deadline to go in and make any edits or changes to your poster.
  • Record Audio Narration: After your poster is finalized, you must record audio narration for each section of your poster.
  • Additional Information can be found in the ASTRO Poster Builder Guidelines document.

Watch a video tutorial on how to record your audio narration.

Need help or have questions?
  • If you have technical questions specific to creating, uploading or narrating your poster, please contact our digital poster vendor partner, MultiLearning, for assistance via email.
  • If you have logistical or content related questions about your session or presentation, please email the Annual Meeting team for assistance.

Abstract Presenter Policies

Be sure to view the below policies for all Abstract Presenters.


Abstract presenters are required to pay the registration fee, attend the Annual Meeting and upload their presentation before the deadline. If circumstances prevent you from participating, you must arrange for the abstract to be presented by a co-author and notify ASTRO immediately by declining your role in the Speaker Center. You will have the option to select a co-author to present on your behalf.


Revisions: You may make changes to your originally submitted abstract if sent to ASTRO by July 21, 2023. After this date, we cannot make any corrections. This rule is strictly enforced. Please note: Revisions should not be substantive and should not alter the results or the conclusions of the abstract. Revisions are meant only to correct errors that were made in the initial submission.

Withdrawals: If you choose to withdraw your abstract, please change your decision to “withdraw” in the Speaker Center by July 21, 2023, and notify ASTRO staff via email. After this date, your abstract will be published exactly as it was submitted in the International Journal of Radiation Oncology • Biology • Physics (Red Journal).

Other Meetings and Publications

Should your abstract be selected for presentation at another meeting or published prior to the ASTRO Annual Meeting, please notify the Annual Meeting team. Depending on the publication details and size of the other meeting, your abstract may be withdrawn from the ASTRO meeting in order to maintain the integrity of our scientific program.

Vendor/Commercial Names

To remain in compliance with the ACCME guidelines, ASTRO must avoid any commercial bias in the scientific and educational programs at the Annual Meeting. Vendor names or names of commercial products or services will be removed from all abstracts, at ASTRO's discretion.

Embargo and Press Program Policy

All abstracts to be presented at ASTRO’s Annual Meeting are embargoed until the date and time of scientific presentation or presentation at an ASTRO news briefing, whichever occurs first. The embargo policy applies to all abstracts regardless of whether information is obtained from another source.

Embargo violations by abstract authors and/or sponsors may result in removal of the abstract from the scientific program. The submitting author is responsible for conveying this information to all co-authors, and notifying financial and other sponsors about this embargo policy.

All abstracts accepted for presentation at the ASTRO Annual Meeting may be highlighted in ASTRO’s Press Program. All submitters agree to cooperate in the publicity of their study. Questions regarding the embargo or press policy may be directed to ASTRO’s media relations team.

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