Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology

  • Founded in 1983, the Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology (ARRO) is an independent organization that represents radiation oncology residents in the United States. This site is designed to provide students, residents and other members of the radiation oncology community with useful resources, information and important links.

  • Latest NewsCongratulations to the newly elected ARRO Executive Committee Members!
    Resident ResourcesThe resident resources area provides details on certification, educational resources, funding and career opportunities.
    Global Health InitiativeThe Global Health Initiative (GHI) mission is to expand the role of Radiation Oncologists in achieving more equitable health care for all global citizens through collaborative humanitarian outreach, education and research.
    ARROgramDistributed monthly by email, ARROgram provides ARRO members with relevant and timely information.
    Medical StudentsThinking about a career in radiation oncology? Learn more about the field and explore application and interview frequently asked questions. Also take advantage of the helpful resources for medical students interested in radiation oncology.