Study Section Participation

  • Including researchers with the appropriate expertise on grant review panels is essential for making the best funding decisions. NIH study sections routinely seek experts with expertise in radiation oncology. Over the last few years, research has indicated that radiation oncology receives approximately 4 percent of NIH’s funding budget. This rate is one of the lowest percentages of any medical profession. One way to promote the fair assessment and assist in the funding of radiation oncology grants is to increase presence of radiation oncology research experts on review panels such as NIH study sections.

    ASTRO members have been invited to send applications directly to leaders of the NIH study section review committees.

    For additional information please contact ASTRO's Research Department.

  • How To Get Involved

    Any researcher can apply for consideration on a grant review panel either as a member of a standing committee or as an ad-hoc member. If you are a radiation researcher with at least 4 years of research experience and have received an [R-series grant [R01, R21, P01 project, R34, etc.] within the last 5 years, you are eligible to serve on a standing committee. Please apply by sending a statement of interest, CV and past research awards and experience to NCI Branch Chief, Eric Bernhard, Program Director, Radiotherapy Development Branch, and/or Syed Quadri, Chief Oncology 2 – Translational Clinical. If you do not meet all the above qualifications, you may apply as an ad-hoc member. Visit the NIH's Center for Scientific Research for information regarding how to become a reviewer, a review panel overview, general and specific review guidelines, the tools and technology used in review, and NIH rules on travel and expenses.

    ASTRO has also identified study sections of interest to our membership. Please forward your information to the following contacts:

  • Contact List
    Basic Mechanisms of Cancer Therapeutics Study Section
    Lambrate Rahman Sesay
    Cancer Molecular Pathobiology Study Section.
    Manzoor Zarger
    Cellular Signaling and Regulatory Systems Study Sections
    Elena Smirnova
    Clinical Oncology Study Section
    Malaya Chatterjee
    U24 Advanced Development of Informatics Technologies for Cancer Research and Management Shamala Srinivas
    Drug Discovery and Molecular Pharmacology Study Section
    Jeffrey Smiley
    OBT-P (21) Fellowships
    Oncologic Sciences
    Shamala Srinivas
    Gene and Drug Delivery Systems Study Section
    Amy Rubenstein
    Image-Guided Drug Delivery
    Shamala Srinivas
    Innovative Research in Cancer Nanotechnology
    Piotr Radzinski
    Molecular Genetics Study Section
    Michael Sveda
    Omnibus R03 NCI Small Grants Program for Cancer Research
    Shamala Srinivas
    Radiation Therapeutics and Biology Study Section
    Bo Hong
    Tumor Progression and Metastasis Study Section
    Rolf Jakobi