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  • ASTRO Think Tank: The Impact of Biomarkers and Nanomedicine in Radiation OncologyNew advances in biomarkers to predict radiosensitivity/resistance and to determine good therapies to combine with radiation is making it possible to predict outcomes. We're also seeing advances in ways to use nanotechnology to improve treatment. This one-day meeting will touch on these and other topics.
    2018 Research WorkshopThe microenvironment of a tumor can affect many aspects of the tumor itself, and can have major impacts on the prognosis of the patient. This workshop will cover many of the questions surrounding the tumor microenvironment and its affect on radiation responses.
    2018 Letter of Intent WorkshopThe Letter of Intent Writing Workshop is a small meeting meant to help radiation oncology researchers learn to write successful Letters of Intent in order to successfully begin clinical trials. The Letter of Intent Writing Workshop will be held twice in 2018.
    Grant Writing WorkshopThis workshop allows burgeoning radiation oncology researchers to learn from some of our most successful members how to write a successful grant application. The Grant Writing Workshop will be held as part of the 2018 ASTRO Annual Meeting.
  • Past Workshops

    The following workshops were conducted in previous years. Click the links below to learn more about our previous workshop topics.

  • AACR-FDA-ASTRO Clinical Development of Drug-Radiotherapy CombinationsThis two-day workshop will bring together regulatory agencies, industry and academia to discuss the challenges in greater depth and come up with a path forward.
    Immunotherapy WorkshopCancer Immunotherapy has emerged as a groundbreaking new approach in cancer treatment, with many hailing it as the fifth pillar of modern cancer therapy. This workshop will cover many of the questions surrounding this promising new approach.
    Letter of Intent WorkshopInterested in writing a clinical protocol but don’t know how to approach a letter of intent? Learn the essentials for writing letters of intent for phase 0 and phase 1 clinical trials from esteemed colleagues who have successfully applied for these trials.
    2016 Precision Medicine WorkshopThis workshop provided an opportunity to interact with peers and identify a new foundation of conducting research to individualize treatment in radiation oncology. Presentations included genomics, imaging, big data quality assurance and safety.
    2015 Big Data WorkshopThis workshop provided a platform for leaders in big data projects to interact with their peers in radiation oncology research, quality assessment and clinical care. Presentations included big data cancer registries, safety and incident reporting systems, and other big data strategies.