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ASTRO Guideline on Radiotherapeutic and Surgical Management for Newly Diagnosed Brain Metastasis(es)

Published:  July 2012 (Web posted January 2012)

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This guideline includes nine key questions looking at both single and multiple newly diagnosed intraparenchymal brain metastases. Topics include the prognostic factors that can predict survival in recently diagnosed patients and help guide treatment; the role of surgery, with and without whole brain radiation therapy (WBRT), in single brain metastases and how surgery compares to radiosurgery in these patient in terms of survival and brain control. The guideline also discusses use of WBRT alone, radiosurgery alone and a combination of the two, as well as recommendations on combining WBRT with radiosensitizers or chemotherapy.

Endorsed by:

Congress of Neurological Surgeons

Key Points:

  • Surgical resection
  • Whole brain radiotherapy (WBRT)
  • Radiosurgery
  • Palliative supportive care
  • Radiosensitizers
  • Chemotherapy


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