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ASTRO 2021 Corporate Member Virtual Press Room

View news and information from ASTRO Corporate Members at the 2021 Annual Meeting via the links below. Publication of material on this page does not constitute an endorsement by ASTRO of any product or claim. Materials are posted in alphabetical order by company name.

(Last updated 11/1/21)


  • Media Alert: Precision medicine experts speak on breast cancer research and PSMA PET tech approaches reducing death risks for prostate cancer patients by 40%
  • Media Alert: GenesisCare: What do DCISionRT, precision medicine, PSMA PET tech, and a new ASTRO Fellow have in common?


  • Infographic: Discover how NBTXR3 could expand possibilities for the treatment of cancer
  • Press Release: Nanobiotix provides third quarter operational and financial update


  • Press Release: Philips brings clarity to every moment of cancer care with new patient-centered innovations at ASTRO 2021


  • Press Release:PreludeDx™ presents DCIS precision medicine study results at the ASTRO 2021 Annual Meeting

Proton Therapy Partners

  • Press Release: Tampa General Hospital, Florida Cancer Specialists, Proton Therapy Partners and Florida Urology Partners come together with plans to open the region’s first proton therapy center


  • Press Release: Innovations for SRS imaging and treatment solutions with Encompass and the Encompass Coil
  • Press Release: Qfix Alta™ - one device, multiple clinical setups
  • Press Release: Qfix introduces BoS Extra Small Masks to assist in challenging setups for smaller patients
  • Press Release: Qfix AirDrive Caddie™ is the newest addition to the Symphony® portfolio for patient positioning, transport, and transfer efficiency

RefleXion Medical

  • Press Release: RefleXion highlights new cancer treatment research at ASTRO 2021
  • Fact Sheet: RefleXion Medical fact sheet
  • Image: RefleXion highlights new cancer treatment at ASTRO 2021


  • Press Release: VisionRT launches completely new camera: Building the foundation to the future of SGRT
  • Image: VisionRT launches completely new camera