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Being an Editor for Practical Radiation Oncology (PRO

Journal editors play an important role in scientific publishing. Editors decide which papers meet the criteria for scientific excellence and relevance for the community the journal serves; seek out exciting new areas for publication; identify and solicit thought-provoking and controversial papers; and assure that all submitted manuscripts receive prompt, critical evaluation and meet timeliness goals. Practical Radiation Oncology has several editor roles which are described below.

  • Editor-in-Chief

    The EIC is the face of the journal, planning the journal's strategy and direction. Typically, the Editor-in-Chief serves a five-year term and is selected through an application process.
  • Executive Editor

    The executive editor oversees peer review and solicits thought-provoking papers. Executive editors render editorial decisions on submitted manuscripts based on their own reading, reviews and senior editor recommendations.
  • Senior Editor

    Senior editors assist in the peer review process. A senior editor's role is to evaluate a manuscript’s merit and suitability for peer review, identify qualified reviewers, assess reviews and make a recommendation to the executive editor.